Fun Indoor And Outdoor Activities for Kids

I’m always trying to think up fun activities for kids since I have five of them to keep occupied! Also, after volunteering and working in schools for years, I realized that having a ready list of fun ideas is essential when you’re working with large groups of kids.

a collage of young kids sitting and laughing on the grass and teens giving the peace sign looking down at a camera with title text in the middle reading Activities for Kids

So, whether you are looking for activities to occupy your own kids, or you have to entertain an entire classroom, you’ll find several activities for kids below that you can use!

Indoor Activities for Kids

Whether your kids are too young to play outside on their own, the weather is bad, or the kids just aren’t wanting to play outdoors, there are many times these indoor activities for kids will come in handy.

a child lacing beads on a string on a brown table

Mess-Free Indoor Activities for Kids

Rainy Day Kids Activities

12 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy at a Restaurant

Easy Minute To Win It Games For Kids Of All Ages

Also, check out these indoor games. There are several more ideas for kids, plus games for teens and adults too.

Outdoor Activities for Kids

In my dream world, the kids happily rush outside to burn off all that energy and have so much fun I have to call them inside when it’s time for dinner. In reality, they usually need some prodding and a few outdoor activity ideas to get them excited about playing outdoors.

children sitting and laughing on the grass

If you’re eager to get your kids out to enjoy some fresh air, you’re going to love these outdoor activities for kids.

30 Outdoor Activities for Kids

Fun Outdoor Activities for Families

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Learning Activities for Kids

If you believe that learning can be fun, you’ll enjoy sharing these learning activities with your kids.

kids using their fingers and foam numbers to make math equations next to a notebook and colored pencils on a table

15 Awesome Activities in a Jar

15 Fun Educational Activities for Kids

My Favorite Fun Educational Games for Kids

Free Printable Reading Log for Kids

Free Resources & Activities on Ancient Egypt for Kids

10 Pirate Learning Activities for Kids

Activities for Teens

Teens are at a hard age. They’ve outgrown many of the games and activities they enjoyed when they were younger, but they aren’t burdened by adulthood yet. Thankfully, I’ve got four teens who have shared some of their favorite teen activities with me.

a group of teens in a circle showing the peace sign to a camera below them

Fun Games for Teenagers

15 Totally Fun Indoor Teen Games

15 Crazy Fun Indoor Games for Teens

Fun Date Ideas for Teens

Group Activities for Kids

Many of the indoor and outdoor activities listed above are also great group activities. But here are some more group activities for kids:

Fun Group Activities for Kids

Mother and Son Activities

I try to spend one-on-one time with each of my kids. When it comes to my boys, we’ve enjoyed several mother and son activities. Here are some ideas for your own mother son time.

a mother and son roller blading on a path outdoors

Free Mother and Son Activities

Mother and Son Bucket List Activities

29 Outdoor Mother Son Activities You’ll Both Love

Mother and Daughter Activities

My daughters have different interests than my sons so we’ve tried different activities for our mother daughter time. Here are some mother and daughter activities for you to try with your daughter:

a mother and daughter looking at each other and smiling with their foreheads touching

7 Strategies for Bonding with Your Daughter

Fun Mother Daughter Activities to do at Home

Fun Mother Daughter Activities You Can Do Anywhere

10 Fun Ways to Spend Time with Your Teen Daughter

Printable Activities for Kids

I make LOTS of printables. I have fun making them and they save my readers a ton of time and effort. Here are some printable activities for kids your children might enjoy:

Make Your Own Forehead Game

Printable Fortune Teller

Printable Road Trip Bingo Cards

Scavenger and Treasure Hunts

Many of my printables are seasonal activities and games. I’ve listed those printables below in the seasonal section.

Seasonal Activities for Kids

Often, I draw my inspiration from seasons and holidays. Here are some fun activities for kids for specific celebrations and times of the year.

Spring Bucket List

Spring Scavenger Hunt

4th of July Family Activities

4th of July Party Activities

Summer Bucket List

Summer Family Fun Kit

Summer Scavenger Hunt

Back to School Bingo

Back to School Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Activities for Teens

Fun Halloween Party Activites for Kids

Fall Bucket List

Fall Scavenger Hunt

Family Activity Advent Cards

Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Calendar for Kids

Winter Bucket List

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Until my children are all grown, I doubt I’ll stop thinking of ways to keep them entertained. Bookmark this page so you can easily find a ready list of activities for kids and check back often since I’ll continue to add more!