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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

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A Spring Home Maintenance Checklist will help your home get the attention it needs after a long winter. This free printable checklist will allow you to focus on important home maintenance activities in an organized fashion.

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Family life for me is busy. I know most of the people I know are in the same boat. There is never enough time in the day to accomplish everything we need to do.

If I don’t stay organized important details will fall through the cracks. One of those details could be the important home maintenance activities I need to do each spring.

Home maintenance is vital to keeping home values where they belong. It can also save me money repairing items that could break if they are not regularly maintained.

I am able to stay on track with what needs to be done by using a spring home maintenance checklist.


There are certain jobs that need to be done inside the home each spring. Some important indoor spring home maintenance activities that need to be completed each year are:

  • Clean the air ducts
  • Check all the window and door seals for cracks and leaks
  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors and check carbon monoxide detectors
  • Inspect the attic for any roof leaks or inside damage
  • Replace the furnace filter

I can usually complete all of these indoor items in one morning using the checklist.

printable Spring Home Maintenance Checklist on a clipboard on a white background with flowers and leaves


There are also certain outdoor jobs that need to be done each spring. Some of the outdoor activities can be time-consuming and we turn the big jobs into family work days.

Here are the outdoor spring home maintenance checklist activities we like to complete:

  • Get on the roof and inspect it for damage and debris
  • Clean out all gutters and downspouts
  • Schedule pest mitigation or do it yourself
  • Have the air-conditioner serviced so it is ready to be used
  • Prepare the sprinkler system for use
  • Start landscaping cleanup in flower beds and around yard
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You can download and print off a free spring home maintenance checklist for your own personal use. I like to laminate the checklist so I can reuse it year after year.

Just fill in the form below to get the Spring Home Maintenance Checklist.

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printable Spring Home Maintenance Checklist


Home ownership is hard work and the more tips, tricks and shortcuts I have ready to go the better. There are so many areas of my home that need attention!

I have created a lot of different checklists to keep me on track. These checklists keep my home in the best condition possible and I don’t get overwhelmed by the work.

Another thing I use daily to a stay organized with my home and family is a printable family binder. This binder has everything I could need to make family life go smoothly. I believe that this binder is a game changer for busy families.

Here are some checklists you may want to download and use too!

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