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Printable Fall Scavenger Hunt

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This printable fall scavenger hunt is a fun way to encourage physical activity after the kids have been sitting in school all day. Like my other scavenger hunts, this list is full of items easily found in most neighborhoods.

printable checklist on an orange background with title text reading Fall Scavenger Hunt

How to Use the Fall Scavenger Hunt

The fall scavenger hunt is easy to use. Your kids just need to head outside and search for the items on the list. Then, they check them off each item as they find them.

Get more mileage out of the fall scavenger hunt by changing up the game each time. Here are some of my favorite variations:

Photo Hunt

Arm the kids with an inexpensive camera so they can take a picture of each item as they find it. Or, make it a family event and do the hunt with them. You can be the official photographer and take their picture with/next to each item.

Make it a Contest

Give each person or team their own list and have them compete to find the most items in a set time period. The winner gets a prize and everyone enjoys ice cream or popsicles after the game.

Group Activity

If you don’t want to have players compete against one another, you can instead create tiered prizes. This is especially fun if you do the scavenger hunt together as a family.

  • Find 1-10 items, we’ll have apple cider as a treat.
  • Find 11-20 items, we’ll make s’mores.
  • Find 21-30 items, we’ll go on a family hike or bike ride.
  • Find all 33 items, we’ll go camping or to a fall festival.

Obviously, you can make the prizes whatever you want. These are just a few suggestions to give you some ideas.

Download the Fall Scavenger Hunt

Now that you have some ideas of how to have fun with the fall scavenger hunt, here it is. Just fill in the form below the image to get immediate access.

Printable Fall Scavenger Hunt


How do I access the printable?

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How do I print a PDF?

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More Family Fun

If you enjoy the spring scavenger hunt, you might also enjoy some of these other scavenger hunt and treasure hunt ideas. Once your kids get the idea, they have just as much fun creating their own hunts.

Sometimes, we turn the game completely on its head and we let the kids create scavenger hunts that the parents have to complete!

If you really love scavenger hunts, check out this collection of 20 scavenger hunt games from Organized 31!

Each theme contains at least 3 different game boards (most have more). For just $9.99 you’ll have fun activities that will last you all year long.

a collage of several different printable scavenger hunts with title text reading Big Bundle of 20 Scavenger Hunts

For more fall fun, try Printable Fall Bingo For Kids or print off my Fall Bucket List and try to complete all of the activities.

printable Fall bucket list

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