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21 Fun Educational Activities for Kids

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As a mom, I’m obsessed with multitasking. Anytime I can accomplish two things at once, I consider it a win. Fun, educational activities for kids fall into this category.

Being able to combine fun and learning activities for your children is like hitting a parenting home run. Your kids enjoy themselves while also keeping themselves occupied.

a collage of 4 activities with title text reading 21educational activities for kids.

Plus, you get to give yourself a pat on the back rather than feel guilty because your kids are learning, not staring mindlessly at a television, while you’re free to do other things. 

Prefer to be more hands-on? These activities for kids to do at home or outside are even more fun and educational when you lend the kids a hand!

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The Importance of Educational Activities For Children

Some might think that educational activities should only be done in school. However, it’s also important that kids of all ages get involved in educational games and activities, even in the home!

This is because everything they do can become opportunities for growth.  Kids, especially toddlers and preschoolers, can learn in a variety of ways! Doing fun things together is a great way to teach your children problem-solving and critical thinking skills, as well as help develop their imagination – all while they’re doing fun and easy activities with you. 

What’s more, you get to help develop your kids’ fine motor skills and gross motor skills that are essential to them as they grow older. 

So, to make their learning experience more fun and engaging – and something that kids want to do with you – it might be a good idea to pick kid-friendly, hands-on activities, which we will share with you below. 

Educational Activities for Different Age Groups

While there are a ton of super fun and educational learning opportunities you can do with your kids, it’s definitely a good idea to remember that certain activities for children are only good for them if they’re already at a certain age. 

For example, older kids may not like alphabet activities or simple worksheets, as they may find doing them too boring. At the same time, toddlers and pre-schoolers may not appreciate activities like science experiments since they tend to be too advanced for their age.

It’s best to choose interesting, educational activities for kids that are also age-appropriate. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t challenge your child or children further if you think they’re ready.

Fun Educational Activities for Children

Without further ado, here are several educational and fun exercises for kids that your children will love.

Whether you want your kids to learn about physical science or engineering indoors or outdoors, you’ll find plenty of educational activities for kids in the list below to stimulate their minds.

DIY Learning Activities For Kids To Do At Home (With Printables!)

These are all great indoor activities that allow kids at home to learn a thing or two about our world, with the materials to create learning opportunities right inside your house!

Water Cycle Bag

This water cycle in a bag activity from Play-Dough to Plato takes just a few items that you already have on hand. Kids will love watching the water evaporate and turn back into liquid, making it a great science activity to help kids know about the water cycle. 

Crystal Names

Another really fun activity from Play Dough to Plato is to create Crystal Names and letters using Borax and pipe cleaners. Definitely a fun science experiment kids can learn from and enjoy!

A set of crystal letters on a black background, perfect for engaging educational activities for kids.

Sky Blue Experiment

If your child has ever asked you “Why is the Sky Blue?” you can help them understand with this Sky Blue Experiment from Rookie Parenting.

Crawling Colors

There are plenty of ways to teach them the basics of how primary colors combine to create new colors, but this Crawling Colors from Parenting Chaos is one of the most fun!

Educational activities for kids involving jars, colored liquids, and crayons.

Sand Volcano

Turn your next trip to the beach into a learning opportunity by making a Sand Volcano. Thanks to Growing a Jeweled Rose for the great tutorial!

Erupting Volcano

Skip the beach and make an Erupting Playdough Volcano at homeJuggling With Kids shows you how to do it.

Magnetic Slime

Combine two of the things that kids find the most fascinating – magnet and slime! – and make this Magnetic Slime. Frugal Fun 4 Boys walks you through the simple steps to make it.

A person engages in educational activities with black glue on a wooden table.

Secret Code Activities

Kids love to pretend they are secret agents. Help your child create this Simple Decoder that will keep them busy writing secret messages! What Do We Do All Day shows you exactly how to make your own. This activity is perfect for kids looking for a fun yet challenging game that can keep them engaged. 

Spy Decoder

If your kids love the simple decoder above, here’s another Spy Decoder from Frugal Fun 4 Boys. This activity allows your child to write in code while another needs to crack it. It comes with free printables too!

Jewelry Coding

Learning how to code computers can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Mama Smiles shows you how to help your kids learn to Code Their Names in Jewelry. With this game, kids develop an understanding of the binary code in an easy and fun way. 

LEGO Challenges

For kids who love to play with LEGOS, print off these LEGO Challenge Cards from The Stem Laboratory to stimulate their building skills. They can place their hands on some Lego pieces and start building!

Create an educational activity for kids to construct a miniature model of their house.

Paper Building Blocks

Of course, you don’t need building bricks to build. Babble Dabble Do shows you how to make Paper Building Blocks that are as fun to make as they are to build with.

A stack of colorful origami triangles used for educational activities.

Straw Buildings

You can also think beyond building bricks by Building with Straws. Lemon Lime Adventures shares lots of fun straw construction ideas.

STEM Building Challenge

Keep the building fun going with this fun STEM Challenge for Kids shared by Teaching Ideas. All you need are some cups and large popsicle sticks. This activity will help kids think creatively, as well as give them some time to execute their ideas!

Pom Pom Drop

With just 3 simple items, you can create a Pom Pom Drop game. Coffee Cups and Crayons shows you how.

Fun Learning Activities For Kids Outdoors

These are fun ideas to let children of all ages learn under the sun!

Egg Drop Challenge

You can also create your own Egg Drop Challenge at home. Get tips and a free printable planning sheet from Buggy and Buddy.

Exploding Boomerangs

Finally, gather your craft sticks and create these Exploding Boomerangs (think “totally safe ninja stars”). I Can Teach My Child walks you through the simple process.

A group of colorful popsicle sticks used for educational activities with kids on a white surface.

Backyard Treasure Hunt

No kid is ever too old for treasure! How Stuff Works shares a great idea on how to do a treasure hunt right in your backyard.

While a great birthday game, this fun and simple activity can also be done weekly – or however often you like! You can also make the clues more challenging, like doing brain teasers or riddles. 

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Want activities for the kids to do while you’re at the park? Send them out to do an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt!

You can walk around to spot items corresponding to each letter of the alphabet and then ask your kid to fill out a printable card.  Alternatively, you can create a list of outdoor items and let your kids find them! These games help them learn more about the environment. 

Color and Shape Scavenger Hunt

For this game, you can list various shapes and colors, then allow your kids to search for objects outdoors that match the colors and shapes in the list. There’s no limit to the number of objects they can find! 

Number Line Relay

Looking for fun learning games that can teach your kids about math? Do a Number Line Relay!  Using tape or chalk, you can set up a number line on the ground.

Next, you’ll call out a number and ask a math problem (i.e. What’s 1 + 2?), and the kids will run to the correct answer. Not only will this game stretch their legs, but it also helps children develop problem-solving skills. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Engage Children in Fun Exercises?

It’s best to use methods involving play, imagination, and creativity to get your kids to participate in planned activities.

Why Is It Important to Not Rush Your Children When They Are Doing Activities?

Giving kids enough time to exercise can help build their self-confidence, lessen their anxiety, and promote better critical-thinking skills. 

More Educational Games for Kids

Looking for more fun games and activities for kids to make learning more educational? Check out some of my favorite educational board games for kids.

And if you enjoyed the educational activities in this post, you might like these Kid Activities in a Jar ideas.

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  3. Aloha! I love these activities to do with the children! I have a friend here on the Big Island who wrote about doing HuMandalas with children. I love exploring mandalas with the kids (we call kids “keikis” in Hawaiian)! I just wanted to share because it’s such a sweet and calming practice to add to your list! http://www.humandalas.com/kids-mandala-activities/


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