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Fun Mother Daughter Activities You Can Do Anywhere

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You can enjoy quality time with your daughter ANYWHERE with these fun mother daughter activities that don’t require anything but the two of you. Whether you are spending time at home with your daughter or venturing out, you can enjoy these simple games.

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Mother Daughter Anywhere Activities

Daily family life is BUSY! As a result, sometimes we spend so much time just trying to get everything done, we don’t spend enough time connecting with our loved ones.

When it comes to bonding with our daughters and passing on our advice, opinions and ideas, we often feel like we have to plan intentional, significant activities. In reality though, our daughters learn from us from the every day interactions and they appreciate our love for them in the small moments when we give them our undivided attention no matter what is happening around us.

So, mother daughter dates are great but there are plenty of ways to have fun with your daughter, give her your time and attention, and get to know her better no matter where you are. Whether you’re in the waiting room at the dentist, waiting to board a plane, sitting in the school drop off line, or driving in the car on your way to practice, these are activities you can enjoy together.


There are plenty of games you can play that require no equipment whatsoever and very little space. These are some of our favorites:

  • Name That Tune – One person hums a tune and the other person has to guess it
  • Would You Rather? – Ask each other “would you rather” questions (e.g. Would you rather give up chocolate or coffee for the rest of your life?)
  • Alphabet Categories Games – Choose a category and take turns naming items from that category in alphabetical order (e.g. Vegetables – asparagus, broccoli, celery)
  • Alternating Story – Create a story together by taking turns adding to the story
  • Chopsticks – This is a basic math game you play with your fingers, get the instructions here ==>> How to Play Chopsticks
  • Rock Paper Scissors – Another hand game that’s easy to play, rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock
  • Compliment Contest – This is a fun game that teaches positivity. Take turns finding ways to compliment each other and those around you


If you are playing somewhere where you have to remain quiet, these mobile games are a fun way to interact without speaking.

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2 thoughts on “Fun Mother Daughter Activities You Can Do Anywhere”

  1. I feel so disconnected from my daughters since I’ve been going through a bad difficult divorce with their father. It makes me sad I’ve been trying to individually connect with them with their interests thoughts..giving them more hugs and kisses. But notice they feel uncomfortable around me for too long always leaving the room when I’m trying to share with them.

    • I’m sorry. It sounds like a tough time for all of you! If they’re leaving when you’re sharing with them, maybe it’s just too much for them to process. Maybe stick with lighthearted, fun activities to keep the mood light and let everyone escape from the stress of the divorce?


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