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15 Awesome Activities in a Jar for Kids

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Dust off all those mason jars in the storage cabinet and try some of these kid activities in a jar. They’re an easy, fun, and inexpensive way to entertain and teach children.

a collage of four different science experiments in a jar with title text reading 15 Awesome Activities in a Jar for Kids

I’m always trying to come up with fun activities for kids to help keep my kids occupied. These activities in a jar are really cool ones!

Kid Activities in a Jar

Most of us probably have jars that are unused or were just going to be thrown away. My kids love science experiments, and I love not having to clean up the mess!

These learning activities in a jar are great for hands-on activities. Plus they give your kids a chance to learn science skills and practice testing and observation techniques. Check out these 15 awesome activities in a jar for your kids!

Fairies in a Jar

Use your mason jars to create some magic at home!

a person holding a jar with glowing things inside called fairies in a jar

Galaxy in a Jar

Explore the universe while sitting at your kitchen table.

two mason jars with different colors inside to make a galaxy in a jar with a tag on them reading every end is a new beginning

Watch Grass Breathe

This is a super simple way to demonstrate how plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.

an upside down glass jar on a pavement and a jar in the grass

Glow Jars

This is a fun night time activity if you don’t have fireflies (aka lightning bugs) in your area.

four mason jars in the dark that have glowing circles on them

Snow Storm in a Jar

You don’t have to wait for winter to enjoy a snow day!

a jar with water and floating white stuff in it with title text reading Snow Storm in a jar

Rainbow Jar

This is as pretty as it is fun to create.

a jar with layers of different colored liquid in it with title text reading Rainbow Jar Kids' Science Experiment

Fireworks in a Jar

Another colorful activity that is fun to create and watch.

a glass with clear liquid in it with different colored liquid coming down from the top to look like fireworks in a jar

Rain Cloud in a Jar

Learn about weather while playing with shaving cream.

a jar with liquid in it and shaving cream at the top to make it look like a rain cloud in a jar

Storm in a Jar

Another weather lesson with cool visual effects.

a jar with glowing colors in it to look like a storm in a jar

Tornado in a Jar

If your kids liked the first two weather jar activities, they’ll love this one.

a jar with blue liquid and white foam at the top and in the middle with title text reading How to Make a tornado in A Jar

Air Pressure with Eggs

This is an easy and fun way to explain air pressure.

a glass jar with an egg at the top

Greenhouse Effect in a Jar

Another simple science lesson in a jar.

a glass jar with a thermometer in it and next to it on the table

Learn how Plants Absorb Water

You can use a variety of plants to display this process in a visually appealing way.

four jars of colored liquid with plant leaves sticking out of them

Walking Water Science Experiment

Kids love watching the colors walk from one jar to the next!

three jars with different colored water with paper towels going from one jar to the next

Water Displacement Activity

This is a great activity during the summer that will occupy the kids for awhile as they collect and add rocks to the jar.

kids outside putting rocks in a jar filled with water

More Activities in a Jar Ideas

Do you want to get even more use out of your mason jars? In addition to the kid activities in a jar listed above, here are a few more ideas to put them to good use.

Turn one of your mason jars into a Consequence Jar (aka Uh Oh Jar).

a glass jar with strips of paper in it with the text Uh Oh on the outside of the jar and colored hearts

If you prefer positive reinforcement techniques, you can create a reward jar.

a jar with strips of paper in it and a label on the outside with text reading Good Job!

One of my favorite ideas for mason jars, is the Boredom Buster jar. Whenever the kids say, “I’m Bored” just have them pull an idea out of the jar.

a jar with paper cards in it with graphics on them with title text reading What to Do When the Kids Say I'm Bored 100+ Ideas

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