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Easy Minute To Win It Games For Kids Of All Ages

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Looking for a super fun way to keep the kids entertained? Enter Minute to Win It games for kids! These quick challenges take just a minute to complete, bringing loads of laughter and friendly competition.

Two children with toilet paper wrapped around like mummy with text "Minute to win it games for Kids."

We’ve rounded up some awesome games for the little ones. Whether it’s a party, a family get-together, or just a friendly play date, these activities promise a blast of excitement. From balancing tricks to cool skills, these games will turn any day into a mega-adventure for your little ones. Get set for speedy, giggly fun!

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Why Play Minute to Win It Games With Kids?

Play is important for kids, and these games are no different. Minute to Win It games pose a challenge to the kids, an enjoyable and memorable one at that. Here are some of the best reasons to play these games:

  • Improve children’s well-being: This is especially true if kids get to play with others often! Kids learn how to interact and build friendships through play, especially in group games. Their self-esteem, confidence, and social skills can also develop. They can nurture their imagination and instincts during this time. 
  • Encouraged to move: Kids love playing because this is when they can do many fun things like running, riding a bike, dancing, and skipping. By regularly doing these things, children can develop their stamina, balance, coordination, and agility. This will also help them become more physically fit.
  • Hone problem-solving skills: Playing is not just about building their bodies, but it also helps build their brains to become better. Activities like those in the Minute to Win It Games are great for this, as they involve problem-solving and overcoming obstacles to win the game.

Top 10 Minute to Win It Games for Kids of All Ages

Here are ten of our favorite games perfect for kids. We’ve also included what you need to prepare and the instructions to guide you whenever you want to try them. Just remember the cardinal rule for all of them – it takes just a minute to win the game!

1. Breakfast Scramble

A fun game to test their ability in solving puzzles!

Things You’ll Need:

  • Cut up cereal boxes (1 box/brand per player)
  • Timer
A little girl playing minute to win it games for kids and a box of Kellogg's corn flakes.


  1. Each player will be given cut-up pieces of cereal boxes to work with.
  2. In one minute, they should be able to reassemble the cereal box by putting the pieces together.
  3. The first player to put the pieces back together wins the game!

Note: For younger kids, you can use fewer and bigger pieces. For older kids and/or to up the challenge, use equal-sized cereal box cutouts or cut the pieces smaller.

2. Face the Cookie

Do your best for the yummy treat at the end!

Things You’ll Need:

  • Round cookies 
  • Timer
A pile of chocolate chip cookies on a wooden table.


  1. Players will form a single line.
  2. Each player is given one cookie to place on their foreheads.
  3. In one minute, they should move the cookie from their foreheads down to their mouths using only their facial muscles. No hands allowed! If the cookie falls, they can try again.
  4. Kids have one minute to move the cookie and eat it to be called the challenge winner.

Note: You can also give players 2 cookies instead for a more challenging game. 

3. Ball Drop

A game to see who has the best aim in the group!

Things You’ll Need:

Minute to Win It Games for Kids featuring a chair with a red plastic cup.


  1. Each player will stand on a chair with a plastic cup set on the ground in front of them.  
  2. They will be given ping pong balls. A player must shoot three balls into the cup.
  3. The first player to accomplish the goal within one minute, or the one with the most number of balls inside the cup when the minute is up wins the game. 

Note: Adults should hold the chairs to keep them steady and provide support to the kids.

4. Penny Tower

Put those block-building skills to work. Stack those pennies high!

Things You’ll Need:

  • Pennies (about 100 for each player)
  • Timer
In a "minute to win it" game, a young boy focuses on stacking coins on a table.


  1. Each player is given 100 pennies laid down on the table. 
  2. The goal of each player is to make a tower by stacking the pennies as high as they can for one minute.
  3. The highest stack that doesn’t topple wins the game! 

5. Defying Gravity

Ninja-like reflexes put to the test!

Things You’ll Need:

A group of children playing minute to win it games while tossing balloons.


  1. Give each player two inflated balloons. 
  2. The objective of this Minute to Win It game for kids is to keep the balloon in the air, without touching the ground, for a full minute. 
  3. Those who are successful in keeping their balloon afloat win the game!

Note: You have several options on how they can do this: 

  • Kids can use only one hand to keep the balloon afloat
  • Use any body part except their hands to do it
  • Add more balloons to challenge the older kids

6. Marshmallow Toss

Gotta catch them all!

Things You’ll Need:

  • Bag of small marshmallows 
  • A Plastic Cup
  • Timer
A fun minute to win it game for kids involving red cups and small marshmallows.


  1. Divide the kids into pairs. 
  2. One kid holds the empty cup, and the other tosses the marshmallows in the cup. 
  3. Have the kids stand apart from each other. You can determine the distance based on how old the kids are; the younger they are, the closer they should be.
  4. After a minute passes, the pair with the most marshmallows inside the cup wins the game! 

7. A Pile of Kisses

Do children unwrap chocolate faster than they eat them? Find out in this game!

Things You’ll Need:

Red, green and silver hershey's chocolate kisses perfect for minute to win it games for kids.


  1. Give each of your players a bunch of Hershey’s Kisses.
  2. The goal is to be the player who can unwrap the most number of chocolate Kisses in one minute. 
  3. The player who does so after one minute wins the game!

8. Mummy Wrap

Turning kids into mummies should be easy…or maybe not!

Things You’ll Need:

  • Rolls of Toilet Paper 
  • Timer
Two children playing in a living room with toilet paper wrapped around like a mummy.


  1. Divide kids into pairs. 
  2. One kid will stand still while the other wraps toilet paper around them like a mummy.
  3. The pair which uses the most toilet paper in a minute wins!

Note: For younger kids, you can group them into three.

9. Johnny Applestack

Make your own apple tower!

Things You’ll Need:

  • Apples (about 5 per player)
  • Timer
A hand holding a stack of apples, perfect for minute to win it games for kids.


  1. Each child will be given 5 apples.
  2. The goal is for them to stack all of these apples on top of each other without toppling.
  3. The first child to stack their apples up and have them stay still for about three seconds wins the game!

Note: If you’re dealing with younger kids, feel free to give them fewer apples to work with. 

10. Scoop It Up

Look, Ma! No hands!

Things You’ll Need:

A collage of pictures of ping pong balls, spoons and bowls.


  1. To start, put two bowls on a table about a hand’s width apart. Put 6 ping pong balls in one of the bowls.
  2. Next, give each player a plastic spoon.
  3. The objective is to move all six balls from one bowl to the other using the spoon in their mouth and without using their hands.
  4. The first kid to finish the task or transfer the highest number of balls within a minute wins the game!

Tips on Organizing and Running A Fun and Easy Minute to Win It Party Game

  • Explain the game’s mechanics well and make sure all players understand. You wouldn’t want any fights or misunderstandings flaring up (one can dream, right?).
  • Choose age-appropriate activities. If you have younger players, choose games that they can do easily or won’t be too complicated for them at their age.
  • Have someone help you out. Whether it’s to keep a tally of the scores, keep track of the time, or just an extra set of eyes to supervise the children as they play, it’s better to have others with you to ensure the games run smoothly and safely for everyone.  
  • Offer prizes. Who doesn’t love prizes? The promise of a reward can be an excellent motivator for kids to do their best!


How to Make Your Own Minute to Win It Games for Kids?

Get inspiration from the most favorite games from the show. Adjust to fit the age group that will be playing. Feel free to be creative and use items from your home to create your very own challenging games. These games will be a welcome challenge for kids!

What Other Games Can Kids Play?

Fortunately, there are a lot of games out there that kids will love to play! There are classic indoor games like the guessing game and animal charades, and outdoor games such as tug of war and water balloon toss. These games are super fun to play and help keep kids active both in mind and body.

How Do You Make Sure That Children Are Safe When Playing?

The best way is to keep a close eye on the kids while they’re playing Minute to Win It Games. Be sure that the area you’re playing in is free from any potential hazards. Plus, always be ready to spring into action and call for assistance in case an accident occurs. 

Play These Minute-to-Win-It Games For Kids for an Awesome Time!

Children’s parties can be made more fun and exciting thanks to these creative Minute to Win It Games for kids! Use them next time someone in your family celebrates a birthday, a holiday party or gathering, a play date, or a family game night. The kids will surely thank you for giving them a great time!

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