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Fun Outdoor Activities for Families

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Having a ready list of fun outdoor activities for families is an easy way to build cherished memories and keep the whole family healthy at the same time!

Make the most of beautiful weather and get out to enjoy the fresh air, whether it’s right in your backyard or an adventure away from home. I’ve got plenty of screen free family activities for you below that will help you have fun outdoors as a family.

Outdoor Activities for Families

At Home

You don’t have to venture far or spend a lot of money to enjoy family time outdoors.

If the weather is still hot, fill up a bunch of water balloons and have a water balloon fight. Play dodgeball with the water balloons or have a competition to see which team pairs can toss a water balloon back and forth the longest without it popping.

While the weather is still nice, create a private getaway in your shed or garage. When the weather turns cooler and the schedule gets busier, this will be a nice at-home family retreat.

You can also make giant outdoor games such as Giant Jenga, Giant Checkers, or Giant Scrabble.

Get your neighbors in on the fun by hiring a local band to play in your backyard and invite guests over for a potluck picnic.

Plant the seeds for a healthy fall harvest by revamping the garden with autumn vegetables (e.g. leeks, carrots, swiss chard, broccoli).

Get in one last summer camping experience by setting up tents in your backyard and roasting some s’mores over an open fire.

Away From Home

If you want to sneak in one last vacation before summer ends, there are many things you can do to venture outside of your home and beyond your yard.

Rent a kayak and go floating down a local river, or drive to your favorite river in your favorite city and kayak that.

You might have experienced sledding in the snow, but what about sledding in the sand? Many parts of the U.S. are known for their glorious dunes, and riding a sled down such dunes can be an experience of a lifetime.

You can also take your health into your hands and participate in organized outdoor exercises such as an outdoor yoga class.

More Family Outdoor Activity Ideas

There are endless possibilities to enjoy outside before the weather turns cooler. You also don’t have to feel totally constrained by your budget; many outdoor activities don’t necessarily require you to spend money or travel very far. You are only limited by your imagination. Check out the infographic below for even more ideas on fun outdoor activities to try this summer.

20 Ways to Get Outside This Summer

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  1. I love this. Good old fashioned fun! I have never played the giant games that you mentioned but have seen it. That looks fun!

  2. I love all these ideas. Not having a backyard, there aren’t many I can actually do, BUT I will be moving soon and all my backyard fun dreams can become a reality. Thanks for the inspiration!


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