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How to Have an Epic Nerf War

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Special thanks to Toys“R”Us, Hasbro and Duracell for sponsoring today’s post and for helping provide hours of family Nerf war fun!

One of my family’s favorite activities is a Nerf war. Whether we break up into teams or play every person for his or herself, these “wars” are always tons of fun. It’s an awesome activity for kids (and adults).

A Nerf war is a great activity everyone in the family will enjoy and this post walks you through everything you need to know to have the most fun.

Nerf wars are a fun way to get outside and be active as a family. They’re also an easy, non-screen way to keep kids occupied when you are trying to clean the house or get some work done.

After hundreds of these Nerf wars, we’ve figured out a lot about how to set them up so that they’re fun for everyone. So, if you want to have an epic Nerf war, here’s what you need to do:

Create Your Arsenal

You can’t have a Nerf war without Nerf blasters! Make sure you have AT LEAST one per person. And don’t forget lots and lots of foam dart ammunition!

For the biggest selection, visit your local Toys “R” Us. They have a wide variety of all the Nerf toys you’ll need for an epic Nerf war.

We add to our Nerf arsenal every year so that we have a variety of blasters to choose from. This keeps the games interesting as players develop strategies and new skills.

This year we added the NERF N-Strike Elite Terrascout Remote Control Drone Blaster and the NERF N-Strike MEGA Mastodon Blaster. Yes, the drone blaster is as cool as it sounds!

boxes of nerf mega mastodon blaster and nerf terrascout with a brick wall in the background

NERF N-Strike Elite Terrascout Remote Control Drone Blaster

My youngest daughter, who has a fascination with robotics, loved navigating the all-terrain N-Strike Elite TerraScout RC drone around. It only took her a minute to figure out the controls, then she was driving it all over the yard!

a girl using the remote of the nerf drone outside on the asphalt

The controller has an LCD screen that displays whatever the drone sees so you can attack your opponents without being in range of their blasters.

a kid holding the remote for the nerf drone with grass underneath them

Since all my kids wanted a turn driving the drone, they came up with a new game. Each person would take turns driving the drone while the others shot at it with other Nerf blasters from their positions on the front porch. The drone controller had to try to avoid getting hit.

NERF N-Strike MEGA Mastodon Blaster

The MEGA Mastodon Blaster is HUGE. But since it fires darts up to 100 feet, it was also in high demand among our players.

a boy standing holding the nerf megadon blaster on his front porch

It fires even faster than the drone blaster. My son pointed out that this makes it perfect for providing cover fire. The whistler darts that it shoots add to its ability to keep the enemy at bay.

a boy laying in the grass with playing with the nerf megadon blasterStock Up on Power

Most of our favorite Nerf blasters are those that can launch multiple foam darts rapidly or long distances. In order to do this, these blasters are usually powered by batteries.

Check all of the blasters BEFORE the game to make sure they’re loaded with good batteries. Plus, have a ready stash of replacement batteries to refuel blasters that fade during battle.

You can stock up on Duracell batteries at Toys “R” Us when you are there getting your blasters. They’re on sale 6/11 through 6/17 at Toys“R”Us. Buy 1 pack of Duracell batteries, get the 2nd 40% off.

Set Up Boundaries

To make clean up easier, set up boundaries so you aren’t wandering the entire neighborhood looking for all of your foam darts after the war is over. Creating boundaries also makes the game safer since you can make dangerous areas (e.g. the garage where the power tools are stored, the pool or pond where water safety is a concern, etc.) off limits.

Don’t Forget Props

Props aren’t necessary, but they definitely add to the fun! This is one area where you can go low-tech though.

We use cardboard boxes to create bunkers. Since Nerf darts are soft, we allow players to hide behind cars and outdoor furniture too.

We sometimes like to play a Nerf version of “Capture the Flag” too. In lieu of a flag, we use a random item (e.g. soccer ball, water bottle, shoebox) that the other team tries to find and steal in order to win.

Establish Rules

During our first several Nerf wars, the kids spent more time arguing over “unfair” actions than they did playing. To avoid this, set clear rules from the beginning. Here are ours:

  • No direct physical contact with other players
  • No throwing
  • No taking weapons away from other players while they are holding them (it IS okay to take unattended items)
  • No intentional damaging of blasters or darts
  • No shots aimed at the face
  • Must stay within boundaries
  • No weapons other than those approved before game begins
  • No arguing – If someone says you are hit, accept it without complaint
  • Everyone must help clean up darts after the game

Enter to Win Supplies for Your Own Epic Nerf War!

Are you excited to stage your own Nerf war? If you’re planning your first one, you might not have a huge arsenal yet.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Duracell/Hasbro/Toys’R’Us. The opinions and text are all mine.


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