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15 DIY Backyard Games Your Family Will Love

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During warmer weather, I love to get outside as a family to play. Outdoor games can be expensive though so I love DIY backyard games.

a collage of four different games you can play outside with title text reading 15 DIY Backyard Games They're simple, fun, that your family will love!

I believe it’s important to help my kids develop the habit of being active at a young age. I also cherish the time I get to spend with them since they are growing so quickly!

That’s why I love to find games and activities that get us moving and that we all enjoy. I especially like it when it doesn’t involve leaving home or spending a ton of money to be entertained elsewhere.

Games that can be played in our backyard are my favorites. We play a lot of sports like volleyball, badminton, soccer and basketball. But we also enjoy other games that don’t necessarily require athletic ability.

Inspired by this tutorial to make your own jeopardy gameboard, I realized there were probably lots of homemade outdoor game options too so I went hunting for them.

These DIY backyard games are fun for the entire family, great for parties, or just outdoor fun. You can enjoy a fun afternoon together and fire up the grill for an easy outdoor dinner too.

Even better, making these games together as a family is almost as much fun as playing them!

DIY Backyard Games

Life Size Board Games

Your favorite family board games become brand new experiences when you make them bigger and play them outside!

large wooden dice on the grass

DIY Versions of Traditional Backyard Games

Save a ton of money by making your own versions of traditional backyard games. Prefer to save time? Next to each DIY backyard game is a link to a version you can purchase instead.

two cornhole boards leaning on a fence on the grass next to a wicker basket with bean bags in it

New Twists on Traditional Games

Sometimes, you can breath new life into old games by putting a new twist on them. These creative versions of a couple of classics should do the trick!

painted squares numbered one to 10 set up to play hopscotch on the grass

Rainbow Hopscotch

Tree Stump Tic Tac Toe

More Outdoor Family Fun

If you liked the DIY Backyard Games above, you might enjoy some of these other fun outdoor family activities:

One of my family’s favorite outdoor activities is to have an epic Nerf war.

a dad, two boys and a girl holding nerf guns on the grass with trees in the background

We also manage to have a ton of fun armed only with sidewalk chalk!

sidewalk chalk on a colored sidewalk

And my kids love all of these outdoor activities.

a girl about ready to kick a soccer ball on the grass with title text reading 30 outdoor activities for kids


Indoor Family Fun

Prefer to stay busy inside? Check out these indoor games you might enjoy.

And here are four DIY table games you can make and play as a family!

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  1. Enjoyed reading your blog & all the games sounds so much fun to play. Our family loves playing different activities on weekend. We all from our daily schedule spend this time with all family members. Your blog has surely given all of us some great list to make our weekend plan even more interesting & memorable. Thanks for sharing such awesome ideas with us.


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