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Free Mother and Son Activities

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No matter what age your son is you can show him you know how to have fun with these amazing free mother and son activities that will surely strengthen your mother and son bond.

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I’ve written before about some of the fun mother daughter activities I enjoy with my girls. Boys are different though and I enjoy different activities with my sons. Here are some of our favorites.

Free Mother and Son Activities You Can Do At Home

Cooking or Baking

Despite gender stereotypes, many boys enjoy cooking as much as (and often more than) girls do. Aside from being a great bonding activity, it’s also a way to teach your son an important life skill he’ll need when he lives on his own one day.

Kids love to work with their hands and get messy so letting your son help cook or bake with you is a great mother-son activity that’ll allow you two to spend quality time together. Choose age-appropriate tasks for your son and supervise the use of sharp objects and appliances.

I actually invested in some kid-safe cooking tools to help my kids develop important cooking skills like cutting. They’re not necessary, but it did make slicing and dicing vegetables less stressful!


Kids are very creative and like I’ve mentioned before they love to work with their hands so a great mother-son activity for this is doing crafts. You can do so many things from painting to building a birdhouse the possibilities are endless all you need to do is search the house for the tools you need.

You can find several free online craft classes at Craftsy so you can work on crafts at home. If you are willing to venture out, Home Depot has free kids workshops where you and your son can work on a DIY project together.

Fort Building

Kids love to build forts and it’s even more fun for them when a grown-up helps! Whether you make a simple blanket fort or draw up plans for a tree house, this is an activity that will result in your appreciation for your son’s creativity and his appreciation for your skills.

Other Free Mother and Son Activities

Day at the Library

If your son is interested in reading then this is an awesome free mother-son activity for you and your son. Take a day to go to your local library and spend the day reading and finding cool books to check out.

If you are both interested in reading then this is perfect for you two to bond. Another great part of this activity is that you can make it a weekly outing, this way you can also make sure that whatever book or books that you and your son have checked out get returned on time or renewed so you’ll never accidentally have late fees.

Playing Sports

Most boys tend to be a big fan of a certain sport whether it’s baseball, basketball, football, etc. So a great mother-son activity is to get down and dirty and play their favorite sport with them.

Or, try a sport neither of you is good at to get better together. My son and I enjoy volleying a badminton birdie back and forth in the backyard. Sometimes we grab our tennis rackets and a few tennis balls and try to see how many times we can hit the ball back and forth at the local tennis court. Bowling is fun too, but can be expensive. Watch for the Kids Bowl Free promotions during the summer.

Lego Mini Builds

Every month Lego stores host mini build sessions. Not only do kids get to build with their favorite toy, they get to bring home a free mini set. You have to reserve your spot in advance since space is limited.

Visit a Museum

Find a museum that doesn’t charge an admission fee. Or, visit one of the participating Museums on Us museums. There are dozens on the list, including many children’s museums.

No matter how old your son gets it’s important to keep your mother-son bond strong and you can do just that with these free mother and son activities, showing them that you are interested in their interests and that you share similar interests. If you know of any other free mother and son activities feel free to share in the comments!

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