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4 Week Family Dinner Plan

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After one too many days of scrambling to conjure up dinner, I sat down and came up with this 4 Week Family Dinner Plan. Why 4 weeks? Because i figured that was long enough I could just keep repeating so I would never have to meal plan again (that’s the dream at least).

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I got pretty close to the perfect dinner solution (in my opinion). Don’t worry, I’m going to share ALL the details so you can reap the same benefits without having to do all the work of putting the menus together!

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About The Recipes in This Family Dinner Plan

To simplify my meal planning process, I assigned themes to days (e.g. Mexican Mondays, Fun Fridays).

I get bored pretty easily so variety is super important to me. For that reason, you’ll see a good variety of chicken, beef, pork, and seafood recipes incorporated into the meal plan. With two teen boys, vegetarian dishes were out — sorry.

I love my Instant Pot AND my slow cooker, so you’ll see at least one to two recipes each week that relies on those appliances. The oven also gets a workout and even the stove gets turned on occasionally.

I stuck with meals I knew my family would eat without complaining (too much). I also stuck with mostly quick and easy all-in-one meals.

I don’t hate cooking, but there are a ton of other things I’d usually rather be doing. Plus, I tend to be forgetful so dinner is often an afterthought until either the kids or my stomach start making noise about wanting to eat.

I do hate making grocery lists and going grocery shopping, so in the next section, I’m going to tell you how I took my dinner plan and simplified my life even further.

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How to Get the Most Out of This Meal Plan

My goal with this 4 week dinner plan was simply to do the work once so I’d never have to do it again. I came pretty close to this goal by pairing these menus with a couple of handy resources.

First, I saved all of the recipes in this meal planning program. I like this program because it lets me:

  • Save recipes from any site (or input my own)
  • Easily adapt recipes and save the changes
  • Adjust the number of servings with the click of a button
  • Drag and drop recipes onto the schedule
  • Auto-generate a shopping list from the menu I’ve created
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Next, I took those auto-generated shopping lists and ordered my groceries from Walmart. I’ve been a big fan of their pickup service and they recently introduced delivery!

If you haven’t tried Walmart’s grocery service yet, you can place your first order and save $10 by using my referral link. Pickup service is 100% free. Delivery costs extra, plus you’re encouraged to tip so if you don’t mind picking up your groceries you can save quite a bit.

One of the cool features of Walmart’s grocery service (both the pickup and delivery options) is that the system stores your orders. So, four weeks from now when you’re recycling the week 1 dinner menu, you can simply duplicate your order and make minor adjustments rather than input all the items from scratch!

screenshot of an online grocery order from Walmart

Using Plan to Eat and Walmart’s online grocery ordering, once I’d planned all four weeks of dinners and gone through one full rotation of all the menus, my weekly meal planning and shopping was reduced to a couple of mouse clicks and about 5 minutes total. #WondermomWin

So let’s get to those dinner recipes, shall we?

Week 1 Dinner Menu

Week 2 Dinner Menu

Week 3 Dinner Menu

Week 4 Dinner Menu

If a month of dinner ideas isn’t enough for you. Or if you don’t like all of the options included in the meal plans above, check out Organized 31’s Monthly Meal Planner. It’s a free 6-page monthly meal planner designed to help you create meal plans that you can use over and over again.

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  1. Where have you been all of my motherhooddom?! Thank you for introducing me to Plan to Eat. I am here trying to not break the bank over winter break with this crazy inflation and happened upon your page. I am telling all of my mom friends!

    • LOL! I’m so glad you found my blog post and that Plan to Eat will be so helpful for you. I love things that make mom life easier. Thanks for sharing the information with your friends.


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