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Holiday Snacks for a Festive Lunch Box

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I love the holidays! And I really love spreading holiday cheer. That’s why I like to add some festivity to my kids’ lunch boxes with these holiday snacks that are fast and easy to put together.

With just a few minutes and some basic craft supplies, you can turn ordinary lunch box items into festive holiday treats. They’ll brighten your child’s day, and everyone else sitting near your child at lunch!

Plus, devoting a few extra minutes to making your child’s lunch or snack special is a simple way to show your kids you care.

a collage of reindeer applesauce cup, grinch jello cup, juice box snowman, santa fruit cup all on a white background with title text reading Fun and Easy Holiday Snacks

Fun and Easy Holiday Snacks

For these holiday snacks, I stuck with common lunch box items. The great thing about that is that not only will you probably have at least one of them on hand already, they’re easily converted to an easy classroom holiday party treat.

Our elementary school doesn’t allow us to bring in homemade treats so this is how to add a little fun and festivity to those store-bought goodies.

 reindeer applesauce cup, grinch jello cup, juice box snowman, santa fruit cup on a white table with pine cones and tree branches behind them and silver, white and red styrofoam balls around them

Santa Suit Jello Cup

This is the easiest of my holiday snack crafts. If you need to warm up your crafting muscles, this is the perfect place to start. You can get the directions here ==>> Santa Suit Jello Snack

a fruit cup decorated to look like Santa's belt

Grinch Jello Snack Cup

If you’re bringing in a treat for the whole class, combine the Santa Suit Jello Cups with these Grinch Jello Snack Cups. The kids will love them! Get the directions here ==>> Grinch Jello Snack Cups

an upside down green jello cup decorated with markers, googly eyes, yarn and pom poms to look like the Grinch

Reindeer Applesauce Cup

Want something a little healthier than Jello? How about applesauce? Get the directions here ==>> Reindeer Applesauce Cup

upside down applesauce cup decorated with googly eyes, red pom pom nose, red yarn scarf, and gold pipe cleaner antlers on a white background

Juice Box Snowman

Don’t forget the drink! This juice box snowman is the perfect complement to any of the snacks above. Get the directions here ==>> Juice Box Snowman

a juice box wrapped in white paper and decorated with googly eyes, orange paper nose, red yarn scarf, black pom poms as buttons to look like a snowman on a white background

More Christmas Ideas

I hope you enjoyed these holiday snacks! Here is some more Christmas inspiration:

a wreath made out of red and green fleece with a gold bow and title text reading Fleece Wreath
printable list of ideas for Christmas related activities with a gold bow, pinecone, candy canes and holly berries on the printables on a wood background

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  1. Love these adorable snack ideas. So cute. Please stop by Thursday Favorite Things since you are being featured.

  2. Cute ideas! I love putting surprises in the kids lunch boxes. Maybe if I “dress up” my daughter’s juice box, she’ll actually drink it, LOL! Visiting from Merry Monday.


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