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New Year Lunch Box Jokes for Kids

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Send your kids back to school right with these New Year Lunch Box Jokes for kids. Simple to print off and include in your child’s school lunch each day so they can have a little chuckle while they eat.

printable New Year Lunch Box Jokes for Kids


You may be wondering why you should take the time to print off these New Year Lunch Box Jokes for Kids and send one in your child’s lunch box each day.

I know how busy most parents are and adding another item to our to-do list can seem overwhelming. The reason adding some items like this to your list is important is that you really are impacting your child.

We know that not all mornings go as planned at home. It is also possible that the morning at school may not have gone well for your child.

Opening their lunch box to a cute little joke about the new year is a simple way to brighten their day.

We all love being noticed and appreciated. It will make your child feel special, loved and appreciated when they see that you went to the trouble to add something extra to their lunch pail.

It is worth the few minutes it will take you to print and cut these lunch box notes.


It can be hard to get kids back into the school swing after the long winter break. My kids are always dragging that first morning back to school.

If your kid’s struggle with this like mine does here are a few tips that have helped us over the years:

  • Make a special breakfast on the first day back to school. Serve something the kids will want to get up to eat! My kids love my Overnight Croissant Breakfast Casserole and it is easy to put together the night before.
  • Be sure to get the kids to bed EARLY the night before they go back to school. Winter break can be tiring and they probably stayed up later than normal. The extra sleep will help them have energy all day at school.
  • Don’t wait until the morning they go back to school to check their backpacks! Do it over the break and be prepared with a clean backpack.
  • Plan a fun family activity the first weekend after they go back to school. This will give them something to look forward to and help them make it through that first week back.
New Year Lunch Box Joke for Kids that reads Why shouldn't you go jogging on New Years Eve? The ice falls out of your punch.


I have four pages of New Year Lunch Box Jokes for Kids that you can download and print off for your own personal use. There is even a blank note on the last page where you can write your own message or joke for your child.

If you are stumped for joke ideas check these New Years’ jokes out.

I suggest you print these jokes out on white cardstock so they hold up in your child’s lunch box a little better than if they are on regular paper. Cutting these apart with a paper trimmer makes the process go very quickly.

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printable New Year Lunch Box Jokes for Kids

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