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Easy, DIY Fleece Wreath For Under $5

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If you’re looking for an easy Christmas project, you’re going to love this DIY Fleece Wreath! You only need a few simple items and the whole project costs less than $5.

a red and green and a blue wreath with title text reading Easy DIY Fleece Wreath

You may have noticed that I don’t post a lot of craft projects here on Wondermom Wannabe. That’s because I am a horrible crafter.

I lack any artistic ability whatsoever so I can only tackle the simplest of crafting projects. This project was so easy that my 6-year old daughter completed one of the fleece wreaths all by herself (minus the fabric cutting, which I did).

How to Make This DIY Fleece Wreath

When I saw that Wal-Mart has fleece throws for sale for $2.98 (they each measured 50 x 60 inches), I snatched up what I thought were the three best patterns. Here they are:

three fleece throws rolled up on a dark brown background

Camouflage may not be everyone’s first choice, but we are a military family with lots of military friends so I knew this would make a great gift for one of them.

The first step is to cut the fleece into strips. My strips were 1 ½ inches wide and 6 inches long.

A cautionary note: although all of the fleece throws were the same brand, they were very different in terms of elasticity.

The blue and white fleece didn’t stretch at all and the camo fleece stretched like a rubber band. Consequently, it took many more strips of camo fleece to complete the wreath and the strips appear longer on the completed wreath, even though all my strips were 6 inches long.

So, give your fleece a “stretch test” first. If it’s stiff, cut longer strips (maybe 8 inches) and if it’s super stretchy, cut shorter strips (4-5 inches). Also, for stiff fabric, plan on using 100-125 strips and for stretchy fleece, plan on 150-200 strips.


Fleece Strips

After you have cut the fleece into strips, take a wire hangar and shape it into a circle.

Hangar Wreath Frame in a circle

Next, you simply tie the strips onto the wire hangar one at a time until you have completely covered the hangar.  You only need a simple tie (like how you begin when you are tying a shoe), but pull it tight.

You don’t need to make a knot. Be sure to push the strips together as you tie them on so that once you have filled the hangar they won’t move around and expose bare spots.

My daughter tied with me while we watched Sofia the First. We finished all three before the episode was over.

Tie Strips Onto Hangar

Once you’re done, fold the top of the hangar down to form a circle instead of a hook. Cover the remaining wire with yarn that matches the fabric and you now have a built-in hanging hook!

To complete the wreath, add a decorative bow. I bought the bow for the red and green fleece wreath at the dollar store, making the grand total for the wreath $3.98 + tax.

For the other two wreaths, I picked up ribbon on sale at Michael’s for 50% off so ended up spending $3 on each roll. I only used half the ribbon from each roll to make the bows though, so the grand total for each of those wreaths was $4.48 + tax.


red and green fleece Christmas Wreath with a gold bow


Camo Wreath with a yellow bow


Blue & White Wreath

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    • No, sorry I don’t have printable directions for the wreath.

  1. This is a fun project. I really like the use of the fleeece. Thanks for posting at Funtastic Friday

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  3. Beautiful wreaths I have to make a few of these for some of my relatives! And, course for myself too!

  4. love this type of wreath so home feeling. My favorite would be blue but then all my friends and family would tell you I am partial to blue
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  8. I adore these wreaths!! I am pinning for later so I can make a Seahawk one!!

  9. I wouldn’t have thought to use fleece for a wreath, but it works perfectly. What a great idea!

  10. I love those wreaths! I’m not the best crafter either so I love that these are simple to make!

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  12. This is such a cute idea! It turned out great!

  13. I never realized that you could use a wire hanger to create a wreath. I think this is going to go on my craft to do list for next week

  14. Your wreaths turned out beautifully. I would never have guessed that making them could be so easy!

    • Thank you! I was happy they turned out so well in spite of my limited abilities.

  15. So cute, all of them! my son has a blanket like the first wreaths that our niece made him and we love that too. 🙂

  16. I love these easy (and frugal) wreaths and you are not a horrible crafter – these are so cute!

    • Ah, you only think that because I haven’t posted the pictures of my less successful projects. At least you know if you find it on this site, anyone can make it!

  17. Those are adorable and cozy and super cute! Plus, I could actually handle the making of them!

  18. I never thought of that to look nice but it does. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

  19. These are so pretty and I think even I could make these and have them turn out looking pretty good. Great craft idea!

  20. Corinne my dear… horrible crafter? These are beautiful wreaths! And have you seen my army man ornament from an egg crate? You should do more craft posts! Hugs, Holly

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  22. Now that is an awesome wreath that I can put together! Brilliant Fleece Wreath!

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