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This Reindeer Applesauce Cup Adds Holiday Fun to Snack Time

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Total Time : 5 mins
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Last Updated on March 22, 2023 by Corinne Schmitt

This Reindeer Applesauce Cup is a quick and easy craft to turn an ordinary snack into a festive holiday treat. You just need a few minutes and some basic craft supplies to make the transformation.

a collage of how to make reindeer applesauce with title text reading Reindeer Applesauce

How to Make a Reindeer Applesauce Cup

First, you’ll need to gather a few basic supplies. Most importantly, you’ll need a snack sized container of applesauce.

You’ll also need a gold sparkly pipe cleaner, googly eyes, a red pom pom, scissors, some holiday colored yarn or cloth, and a low temperature hot glue gun (or craft glue). I bought a large pack of assorted pom poms and googly eyes that I use for a variety of craft projects.

red yarn, red pom pom, google eyes, scissors, applesauce cup, gold pipe cleaner and hot glue gun on a white background

Step 1 – Attach Eyes

Set the applesauce cup upside down in front of you and glue on two googly eyes.

an upside down applesauce cup with googly eyes on it on a white background

Step 2 – Attach the Nose

Next, glue the red pom pom just below the eyes.

a hand holding an upside down applesauce cup with googly eyes and a red pom pom, as a nose, on it on a white background

Step 3 – Make the Antlers

Now, you’ll need to cut the gold pipe cleaner in half. Shape each half into an antler like the picture below.

a gold pipe cleaner cut in half and shaped to look like antlers on a white background

Step 4 – Attach the Antlers

Once you’ve made the antlers, you just need to glue them onto the applesauce container at the back to attach them.

a hand holding an upside down applesauce cup with googly eyes, a red pom pom, as a nose, and gold pipe cleaners as antlers on it on a white background

Step 5 – Add a Scarf

To make your reindeer extra festive, tie some holiday-colored yarn or fabric around the base of the container to make a scarf.

an upside down applesauce cup with googly eyes, a red pom pom, as a nose, gold pipe cleaners as antlers, and red yarn as a scarf, all to look like a reindeer on it on a white background

That’s it! Your Reindeer Applesauce Cup is ready to delight your child.

Reindeer Applesauce Cup Printable Instructions

Ready to make your own Reindeer Applesauce Cup? Print off the instructions below.

Reindeer Applesauce Cup

Corinne Schmitt
5 from 2 votes
Prep Time 5 mins
Total Time 5 mins
Course Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 1


  • Applesauce containers
  • Gold sparkly pipe cleaner
  • Googly eyes
  • Sparkly red pom pom
  • Scissors
  • Red or other holiday colored yarn or thinly cut cloth
  • Low temperature hot glue gun or other craft glue of your choice


  • Place the applesauce container with the lid facing down, and use glue to attach two googly eyes to the front of the container.
  • Use glue to attach a red sparkly pom pom below the eyes on the front of the container.
  • Cut a gold sparkly pipe cleaner in half and bend each piece of pipe cleaner into squiggly antler shapes. You can see the photo for reference.
  • Attach the antlers to the back of the applesauce container with glue.
  • Tie a piece of holiday colored yarn or thinly cut cloth around the bottom of the applesauce container to make a scarf for your reindeer.
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I hope you have fun making your own reindeer applesauce cup! If you do make one, please tag me on social media so I can see!

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