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Santa Suit Jello Snack

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This Santa Suit Jello is a fun snack craft you can make to brighten up your child’s lunch box during the holiday season. It’s also a fun way to add some holiday cheer to the classroom party when homemade goods aren’t allowed.

a collage of making a jello fruit cup to look like a santa suit with title text reading Santa Suit Jello Snack

How to Make a Santa Suit Jello Snack

My mission is to help you be a superhero mom with as little effort as possible so you can save your energy for enjoying your family. With that in mind, this craft was created with the goal of achieving maximum cute factor with minimum effort.

No need to run to the specialty craft store. You should have everything you need at home already, except perhaps the Jello. You probably figured out Jello was a key component of these Santa Suit Jello Snacks.

And that’s okay because if you’re like me, you always need to run to the store for bread, milk and fresh fruit anyway. Go ahead and pick up some Jello cups while you’re there and you’ll be all set. Make sure you get the ones with fruit in them because the regular jello cups don’t have the right shape and lid.

Once you have the Jello snacks, grab a pair of scissors, a black permanent marker,a glue stick, a small scrap of yellow or gold paper and a pencil (which I forgot to include in the picture).

Jello snack cup, scissors, a black permanent marker,a glue stick, a small scrap of yellow or gold paper on a white background

Step 1 – Draw Santa’s Belt and Buttons

Set your Jello cup down right side up and draw a thick line across the middle to make Santa’s belt. Then add three dots above and below the belt for the buttons.

a hand using a black marker to draw a black line and black dots on a red jello snack cup to look like Santa's suit on a white background

Step 2 – Make the Buckle

Next, draw a small square on your colored paper and draw a smaller square inside of it. I happened to have some gold craft paper on hand, but yellow would work too.

two small squared drawn on gold paper

Step 3 – Glue on the Buckle

Now you just have to glue the buckle onto the belt and you’re all done!

 a black line and black dots, and a gold square on a red jello snack cup to look like Santa's suit next to a glue stick on a white background

Santa Suit Jello Snack Printable Instructions

Ready to make your own Santa Suit Jello Snacks? Print off the instructions below.

📋 Recipe

Santa Suit Jello Snack

Corinne Schmitt
Great for school Christmas parties!
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Prep Time 3 minutes
Total Time 3 minutes
Course Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 1


  • Sharpie
  • Gold glitter or yellow cardstock
  • Glue stick
  • Red Jello snack (I used the one with fruit included)


  • With your Jello snack sitting with the large flat side pointing up, draw a thick black line for the belt across the middle of the snack and color it in. Make three dots above the belt for the buttons and three more below the belt for additional buttons. You can see the photo for reference on how to do this.
  • Draw a square shape onto a piece of gold glitter cardstock to serve as the santa suit belt buckle. Cut it out and then cut a smaller square in the center of it.
  • Glue on the gold glitter belt buckle to the black belt on the top of your Jello snack.
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The holiday season is so chaotic, my #1 tip for managing the stress and staying focused on fun is to head into it organized.

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