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Ugly Sweater Party Printables

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These Ugly Sweater Party Printables will make organizing your holiday party a breeze. Ugly Christmas sweater parties are so much fun and with these free printable invitations, voting cards, and awards it will be simple to get into the Christmas Spirit.

Ugly Sweater Party Printables next to a sugar cookie decorated like an ugly sweater with title text reading Ugly Sweater Christmas Party


It is entirely possible that you have never heard of an ugly Christmas sweater party before now.

Christmas sweaters have been around for many, many years. They became very popular during the 1950’s era.

Over the years wearing a Christmas sweater became kind of lame and was relegated to the older generation.

Fast forward to 2002 when a Canadian named Jordan Birch started an annual ugly sweater party as a charity benefit to help a friend who had cancer. People started to hear about his party idea and the rest is history.

The whole concept is simple. Everyone wears an ugly Christmas sweater for a party or gathering. There are usually prizes and contests at the party for the ugliest sweater!


If you go into any clothing store during the holiday season chances are you will see ugly Christmas sweaters.

And don’t get wrapped up in the word “ugly.” You could just lean in heavily on the Christmas theme. Sparkly sweatshirts or sweaters for Christmas work great!

Clothing lines make ugly sweaters on purpose now and they sell like hotcakes!

Some people prefer to find “real” Christmas sweaters by going to Goodwill and other second-hand shops and looking for old sweaters to wear to the party.

It is also possible to wear an ugly Christmas sweatshirt! If you want to get voted best of the party you may want to add some embellishments to your sweater to make it even uglier!

Ugly Sweater Party Printables on a green sweater background


Part of the ugly sweater party printables I have includes some party invitations.

Just print these off on white cardstock and you can quickly invite friends and family to your party!

There is also a form where you can keep track of who is attending the party.


The best part of the ugly sweater party is voting on winners for different categories.

I have included cute little cards so each guest can vote on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the ugliest sweater at the party!

Just print off as many of these cards as you have guests attending.

Ugly Sweater Party Printables over a winter sweater on a wood background with title text reading Get ready to vote! Ugly Christmas Sweater Party


You can’t have a contest without awards! These ugly sweater party printables include printable awards you can hand out to the winners!

There are awards for the following:

  • Ugliest Sweater 1st Place
  • Ugliest Sweater 2nd Place
  • Ugliest Sweater 3rd Place
  • Most Creative Ugly Christmas Sweater
  • Most Cost-Effective Ugly Christmas Sweater
  • Funniest Ugly Christmas Sweater
  • Most Hideous Ugly Christmas Sweater
  • Most Likely to Make Santa Blush Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you want to really wow your guests you can hand out ugly Christmas sweater trophies along with these award certificates!


I know you are getting excited about your party!

You can download and print these ugly sweater printables off for your own personal use.

Just fill in the form below to get the Ugly Sweater Party Printables. You’ll also get access to my entire library of free printables.

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Ugly Sweater Party Printables next to a sugar cookie decorated to look like a christmas sweater

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Ugly Sweater Party Printables on a green Christmas sweater background with title text reading Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

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