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60 Best Christmas Would You Rather Questions For A Festive Holiday

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Are you looking for Christmas activities to make your party even more fun than usual? Then get ready to play the Christmas Would You Rather game! 

Christmas-themed would you rather questions.

Like Christmas charades, this simple game with a holiday twist is sure to get people talking and laughing – a fantastic way to spend this blessed time with your family and friends. Our family loves playing this game as it’s something everyone can participate in regardless of age.

So, if that sounds fun and interesting to you, check out our list of great questions that you and your family can easily use. 

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How to Play The Christmas Game Would You Rather 

The gist of this game is that players have to choose between two very appealing or very unpleasant options and then share their reasoning as to why their choice is better than the other one. 

While neither option is considered wrong, which of the two you think is “better” than the other depends on your tastes and preferences. You can’t say “both” or “neither” – you need to make a choice and say why.

To get the game going, you need at least two players who will take turns asking and giving their answers to questions that begin with “Would You Rather…”

If you have a huge number of participants, you can choose to have them all join at the same time, or group players according to age (i.e., kids, teens, and adults). One thing is for sure, though – the more players there are, the more fun the game is – especially when a fun little debate between the two groups happens!   

 Of course, you can’t play this game without a set of questions on hand. While technically, you can make up questions on the spot; it’s easier to look for a set online, download it, and print it on paper before the party starts. 

60 Would You Rather Christmas Edition Questions

Three printable cards with would you rather Christmas questions on a wooden table with Christmas ornaments.

Family-Friendly Would You Rather Christmas Questions for All Ages

  1. Would you rather spend the holidays partying with friends or relaxing with your extended family?
  2. Would you rather experience Christmas every day or never experience Christmas?
  3. Would you rather experience Christmas in a historical setting or in a futuristic setting?
  4. Would you rather spend the Christmas holiday in a lively, buzzing city or in a quiet and quaint snow village near the North Pole?
  5. Would you rather go to a Christmas gathering with the Grinch or Scrooge?
  6. Would you rather watch “Home Alone” or “Elf“?
  7. Would you rather have elf ears or grow a Santa beard?
  8. Would you rather spend 7 hours Christmas shopping or spend 10 hours watching Christmas movies?
  9. Would you rather have a snowball fight or go ice skating?
  10. Would you rather ride Santa’s sleigh or go on the Polar Express?
  11. Would you rather live forever in a gingerbread house or stay at Santa’s toy workshop?
  12. Would you rather walk on candy cane legs or see with gumdrop eyes?
  13. Would you rather spend the holidays with your family at home or go on a trip to Disneyland?
  14. Would you rather make homemade Christmas presents or make ornaments for the Christmas tree?
  15. Would you rather be forced to eat cereal with eggnog or eat a sandwich that’s only filled with candy canes?

Fun Christmas Would You Rather Questions for Kids

  1. Would you rather go on a sleigh ride with Santa or make toys with elves?
  2. Would you rather receive one huge present or many smaller presents?
  3. Would you rather have the power to create snow or to make Christmas cookies appear from nowhere?
  4. Would you rather break a Christmas piñata or go on a Christmas scavenger hunt?
  5. Would you rather stay in a gingerbread house or a snow palace?
  6. Would you rather have a magical snow globe or a magical tree ornament?
  7. Would you rather visit Santa’s toy workshop or the reindeer stables?
  8. Would you rather have an advent calendar that has toys or candy?
  9. Would you rather play with Olaf from “Frozen” or go on an adventure with Frosty the Snowman?
  10. Would you rather have to drink hot apple cider or Christmas hot cocoa bombs?
  11. Would you rather open a gift every day for all of December or open all your gifts on Christmas Day?
  12. Would you rather have Rudolph’s red nose or pointy elf ears?
  13. Would you rather eat savory Christmas dishes for breakfast or eat Christmas sugar cookies for dinner?
  14. Would you rather take care of a pet penguin or become Rudolph’s new owner?
  15. Would you rather catch a Christmas elf in your room or find Santa putting presents under your tree?

Great Christmas Would You Rather Questions for Teens

  1. Would you rather go to a ski resort or a tropical beach resort for your Christmas holiday?
  2. Would you rather become viral because of an embarrassing TikTok video from your Christmas party or miss out on partying?
  3. Would you rather get stuck at a family Christmas party with no Internet or no food?
  4. Would you rather have a special Christmas photo with an A-list celebrity or capture photo evidence of a real Santa?
  5. Would you rather document your Christmas on TikTok and Instagram or just totally disconnect from social media for the holidays?
  6. Would you rather play loud Christmas rap music or heavy metal covers of Christmas carols?
  7. Would you rather be forced to speak only with holiday puns or with cringey Christmas jokes for a day?
  8. Would you rather shop for presents on Black Friday or procrastinate and shop online?
  9. Would you rather spend your Christmas in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or in the Star Wars universe?
  10. Would you rather be forced to read your DMs aloud during a party or your entire search history?
  11. Would you rather be forced to only wear Christmas onesies or ugly Christmas sweaters for a week?
  12. Would you rather cook an epic Christmas dinner for the family or wash dishes afterward?
  13. Would you rather skip Christmas dinner or miss out on getting Christmas gifts?
  14. Would you rather celebrate a Virtual Reality Christmas or get stuck in a snowy fantasy world?
  15. Would you rather organize a small Christmas gathering with a select few friends or a big holiday celebration with everyone you know?
Two printable cards with would you rather Christmas questions on a wooden table with Christmas ornaments.

Awesome Christmas Would You Rather Questions for Adults

  1. Would you rather wrap presents for 8 straight hours or take the kids’ pictures with Mall Santa?
  2. Would you rather wear an inappropriate but funny Christmas-themed costume to a family gathering or walk into a Christmas party in a onesie?
  3. Would you rather get a luxurious but impractical gift or a small but super-useful gift?
  4. Would you rather listen to wholesome Christmas stories or embarrassing ones?
  5. Would you rather go to an atrocious Christmas sweater holiday bash or a posh Christmas Eve black-tie party?
  6. Would you rather watch a movie at home or attend a Christmas music festival?
  7. Would you rather organize the big Christmas dinner or clean up after the party every year?
  8. Would you rather eat only fruitcake for the entire Christmas week or only drink eggnog for the week?
  9. Would you rather sing Christmas carols in front of a crowd on your own or sit on a Mall Santa’s lap for 1 hour?
  10. Would you rather have your boss at work become your Secret Santa or have your in-laws be your Secret Santa?
  11. Would you rather receive a re-gifted present or re-gift a present you’ve received?
  12. Would you rather drink mulled wine or hot cocoa?
  13. Would you rather only hear Jingle Bells on repeat for the entire Christmas day or be forced to listen to Christmas puns all day?
  14. Would you rather plan a holiday gathering or just attend one?
  15. Would you rather help the Grinch steal Christmas or help Kevin McCallister defeat the burglars?


Who can you play ‘Would You Rather’ with during the holidays?

That’s the great part about this activity — it’s one for the entire family! You can easily tweak the questions in the game to fit the demographic of your participants. It can go from family-friendly fun to more adult-centric questions.

What do you need to play ‘Would You Rather’?

This game is pretty simple: all you need is a group of participants and a list of questions. You can also make things more exciting by finding a printable version of the question and adding it to a fishbowl where people can randomly pick one that they need to answer. 

What other Christmas-themed activities can I organize for my family?

There are many different fun activities that you can organize for this festive holiday.
Additionally, you don’t have to only plan events for Christmas day itself. You can create a closer bond during the holiday season by thinking of different Christmas-themed activities for the entire month!

If you want something kid-friendly, you can print out fun holiday-themed crossword puzzles or word hunts to keep the children busy. 

If you’re at a family gathering, you can put a holiday twist on some traditional party games, like charades or trivia.

Get the Free Printable Christmas Would You Rather Questions

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A Family-Friendly Activity For Everyone!

If you ask me, spending the holidays with friends and family is the best way to spend Christmas. After all, nothing beats quality time together.

That said, playing “Would You Rather” for the holidays can help you get to know them more. You’ll hear some exciting and funny answers to the many Christmas-themed questions you ask them. 

It’s a game you can organize with minimal effort, but with a great potential for fun!

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