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12 Free Printable Christmas Games

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Free printable Christmas games are a great, cost-free way to keep kids entertained during the busy and expensive holiday season. Here are over a dozen family favorites you can print and play right at home!

a collage of printable games with title text reading 12 Printable Christmas games

I LOVE Christmas and always have. When I was a child, it was because of the magic and the gifts. Now, it’s more about the excitement, Christmas spirit, and quality time with family.

Since my family really enjoys playing games, I naturally associate games with quality family time. And with one child in college and two more graduating high school this year, I love finding ways to play games that don’t cost a fortune.

That’s why I went in search of free printable Christmas games. I want you to make some fun, lasting memories without taking on a financial burden in the process. 

Materials Needed

You don’t need much to create and play the games below. You’re spending enough on your other holiday prep, so give your wallet a break!

For most of the printable games in this list, you only need some paper and a printer. Some games require something to write with, others need to be cut out with scissors, and one or two need markers of some sort (e.g. candy, coins, or buttons).

More than likely you have everything you need to start playing right on or near your home desk or office! So if you’re ready to have fun, just scroll through the ideas below and choose your favorites.

Free Printable Christmas Games

1. Christmas Who Am I?

If your family enjoys playing forehead guessing games like Hebanz, you’re going to love this free printable Christmas Who Am I? Guessing Game from Childhood 101.

printable Christmas who am I guessing game cards

2. Christmas Mad Libs

Mad Libs are always hilarious and these Christmas Mad Libs from Imagination Soup are perfect for the holiday season!

printable with title text reading Free Christmas Mad Libs

I also like this Christmas Mad Libs printable from Happiness Is Homemade.

printable merry christmas mad libs on a blue background with miniature christmas trees, santa and snowman

And these Christmas Elf Mad Libs from My Life and Kids are another fun version!

printable elf mad libs on a wooden background next to a pencil and an elf doll

3. Christmas Memory/Matching Game

Younger kids will love this printable Christmas memory game from Homeschool Preschool. These colorful printable cards are bright and cheerful. Kids will have a blast finding matching pairs!

printable memory game

You may also like this Christmas Matching Game from Simple Everyday Mom. Same concept, but different images.

printable cards with christmas objects on them

Another fun game for preschoolers are these printable Christmas puzzles from Itsy Bitsy Fun. Kids can mix and match to create silly outfits or work to match the right pieces together.

4. Christmas Mix and Match Puzzles

printable christmas puzzle pieces with title text reading Printable Mix and Match Puzzles

Older kids will have fun with this printable Christmas Word Search from Happiness is Homemade.

printable Christmas word search on a blue background with pens and candy canes on it

6. Christmas Word Scramble

While the kids have their pencils out, hand them this Christmas Word Scramble to work on next. These anagrams will give older kids a little challenge!

printable christmas word scramble on a blue background with pens and candy canes

7. Christmas I Spy

Kids of all ages enjoy I Spy games. Check out this printable Christmas Doodles I Spy game from And Next Comes L.

printables with title text reading Christmas themed I Spy Game free printable

8. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Once the kids have warmed up their seeking skills, head outdoors (or at least around the house) on a scavenger hunt! Gift of Curiosity has two free printable Christmas scavenger hunts. One for younger kids and another for those who are old enough to read.

Head out as a family and do this Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt (courtesy of Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls) together.

printable christmas lights scavenger hunt on a clipboard with a pencil on it on a brown table next to a snowman cup of tea

9. Christmas Bingo

Bingo is a classic game that is always fun! I love these free printable Christmas Bingo cards from Pre-K Pages.

printable christmas bingo on a brown background with title text reading Printable Bingo

Artsy Fartsy Mama has a different, but equally adorable and fun version of Christmas Bingo available too.

printable christmas bingon with a child's hand placing an m&m on it with more m&ms on the black background

10. Christmas Charades

Another classic game that’s always a blast is Charades! Try this version of Christmas Charades from The Joys of Boys.

printable with title text reading Christmas Charades

This Elf Charades version from My Life and Kids is a great choice too!

printable elf charades with cards cut out on a red paper

11. North Pole Mix Up

I really love this printable North Pole Mix Up game from Line Upon Line Learning. The game is just as fun to make as it is to play!

a red head girl looking at a printable christmas north pole mix up game on a table

12. Christmas Carol Quiz

How well do you know the lyrics to popular Christmas carols? Put your knowledge to the test with this printable Christmas Carol Quiz Game from Crafting Chicks.

printable Christmas Carol Quizzes on a white background with tree leaves on it

More Christmas Fun

If you liked the ideas above, you might enjoy some of these other fun holiday activities.

Countdown to Christmas with these Family Activity Advent Cards.

printable family activity advent cards on a wood background with a bow, pine cone and a candy cane

Or, if you prefer a different advent activity, check out this collection of countdown to Christmas ideas.

I think Christmas is a great time to teach kids about charity and kindness. That’s why I created this Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Calendar for Kids.

printable random acts of kindness Christmas calendar

The kids can perform all the activities without the help of adults, but you can also make a goal to complete the calendar as a family if you want! If you want more acts of kindness activities, here’s some Printable Christmas Kindness Cards.

I hope you’ve found at least a few activities you can enjoy with your children this Christmas season. Thanks for visiting!

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