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Halloween Word Search for Kids

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printable Halloween Word Search for Kids on an orange background

A Halloween Word Search for kids is a great way to reinforce some vocabulary words in a fun way. It may be an activity for kids that is done at home or at school, either way, kids enjoy searching for words!


As the mom of a big family, I have been part of many school Halloween parties. Each party is a little bit different depending on the age of the children and the teacher.

School Halloween parties have always been a fun way to celebrate this spooky fall holiday. Many of the parties I have helped with have been put solely in the care of some of the classroom parents. 

It is wonderful for the teacher to be able to sit back and let the parents take charge of the holiday parties. They have too much to handle as it is.

If you are helping organize a classroom Halloween party here are some tips to make it a success:

  • Get the basic details from the teacher such as what day and time the party will be, how long the party should last, how many children are in the class, and any other relevant information.
  • Find out who will be assisting with the party and if any children have food allergy issues.
  • Provide a good variety of snacks and treats for the kids. Make sure to have some healthy snacks so that not everything is a sugary dessert. 
  • Plan some fun games and activities. This Halloween Word Search for kids is perfect for older elementary-aged children. 
  • Be ready with extra activities because sometimes things don’t take as long as you think and unstructured time can lead to chaos especially on a holiday.
  • Remember to keep in mind the age of the children so that the foods and activities are age-appropriate.
  • It is always fun to have some kid-friendly Halloween music playing in the background. Halloween Jams is a fun CD for kids.
printable Halloween Word Search for Kids on an orange background


When you are planning the school party start thinking early about what kind of food you want to serve. Remember that it is nice to have some foods individually packaged so kids can take the snacks home if they don’t eat it during the party. Here are some great ideas:


printable Halloween Word Search for Kids on an orange background

You can download and print off this Halloween Word Search for kids for your own personal use.  Click this link or the image below to print: Halloween Word Search

More Halloween Fun for Kids

This word search is just one of the many fun games in the Halloween Activity Kit for Kids. Get the complete kit here:


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printable Halloween Word Search for Kids

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