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10 Easy To Make Halloween Party Recipes

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I’ve put together some of my favorite Halloween party recipes to make it super easy for you to plan the menu for your spooky gathering. Every one of the recipes below is hauntingly delicious and easy to make. Plus, many of them are even good for you!

a collage of seven different Halloween party foods with title text reading Spooktacular Halloween Party Food

Below, you’ll find video instructions for each of the recipes. If you’d prefer to have the recipes in written form, sign up for my newsletter to grab the free digital cookbook.

Halloween Party Recipes

These Halloween party recipes will have you covered from appetizers through dinner. These are all great finger foods so you can skip the utensils too!

Each recipe below has a quick video that shows you how easy each one is to prepare. There are 10 recipes total so plenty to choose from to create your perfect Halloween party menu.

Halloween Appetizers

While all of the Halloween party recipes I’m sharing with you are finger foods, some of these are true appetizers. They are familiar favorites made with a fun Halloween twist.

Spider Deviled Eggs

deviled eggs decorated with olives to look like spiders on a white plate

These spider deviled eggs are the perfect appetizer for your Halloween party! And they only take a few minutes to transform from ordinary deviled eggs to frighteningly delicious!

Eyeball Caprese Salad

caprese salad ingredients arranged on a white plate to look like eyeballs

Caprese salads are simple and popular appetizers. By arranging the basic ingredients in a clever way, you can make them look like ominous eyes.

Cottage Cheese Eyeballs

cottage cheese and olives decorated to look like eyeballs on a white plate on a white table with more olives around the plate

If Caprese salad isn’t your thing, you might prefer these cottage cheese eyeballs instead. They’re ridiculously easy to make!

Mozzarella Stuffed Mummy Peppers

stuffed peppers decorated with pizza dough and olives to look like mummies on a white background

Stuffed peppers are always a hit at parties. Just a few strips of pizza dough are all it takes to make them spook-tacular!

Halloween Dinner Recipes

If you’re looking for more substantial Halloween food, you’ll find them in this section. These recipes are perfect for satisfying hungry ghouls and ghosts.

Halloween Sausage Fingers

mini pigs in a blanket cut in a way to look like fingers on a white background

This creepy twist on pigs-in-a-blanket is perfect for Halloween.

Mummy Mini Pizzas

mini pizzas decorated with cheese and olives to look like mummies on a white background

Almost everyone loves pizza and it doesn’t take much effort to transform mini pizzas into mummies!

Monster Sandwich

a sandwich decorated with cucumbers, olives, carrots, peppers and cheese to look like a monster on a white background

Skip the PB&J and make these menacing monster sandwiches instead. These are ideal for a daytime Halloween party.

Monster Burger

a burger decorated with cheese as teeth, pickles and olives as eyes to look like a monster on a white plate on a white background

If you’re feeding really hungry guests, this monster burger should definitely be on your menu. A few well-placed ingredients turn an ordinary burger into a silly monster.

Halloween Snack Recipes

The recipes below are fun Halloween snacks for kids (or adults). Each of them calls for just two or three simple ingredients.

Apple Monster Mouth

apple slices, peanut butter and peanuts decorated to look like a monster mouth on a white plate

An apple, some peanut butter, and peanuts are all you need to create a delicious, nutritious, frightful treat.

Cheese Broomstick

cheese with a pretzel stick stuck in the middle and a green tie around the cheese to look like a broomstick on a brown cutting board with more cheese and treats being assembled in the background

Turn pretzels and cheese cubes into magical witches’ brooms with a few well-placed knife slices.

More Halloween Party Recipes

Want even more adorable Halloween food ideas? Here are a couple of bonus Halloween party recipes:

mini chocolate donuts decorated with chocolate frosting, sprinkles, candy eyes and pretzels to look like spiders on a white tray with fake leaves in the background

Spider Donuts

popcorn, m&ms, chex cereal, candy corn, candy pumpkins, pretzels in green and yellow leaf bowls on a dark brown table

Fall Party Mix

Halloween Party Food Made with Packaged Snacks

I like to create fun crafts out of packaged snack foods for each holiday to sneak into my kids’ lunchboxes as a fun surprise. Also, since my kids’ classrooms don’t allow homemade treats, this is an easy way to add some festivity to store-bought treats.

There’s no reason you can’t include these Halloween snack crafts in your Halloween party. You can even use them as party favors for kids!

Aren’t these Halloween party recipes fun? Hopefully, after watching the videos you won’t be afraid to attempt them. They really are pretty easy!


Halloween party food doesn’t have to be difficult. In most cases, you just have to arrange the ingredients with a little creativity.

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