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Free Printable Lunchbox Notes for Halloween

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I’m sharing these Free Printable Lunchbox Notes for Halloween because they are such an easy way to brighten your child’s day. You just have to print, cut, and sneak one into your child’s lunchbox, but that tiny effort will yield big results!

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Why Lunchbox Notes Are So Meaningful

We play a critical role in our kids’ emotional development and self-esteem. The unconditional love and support we provide them create a really strong foundation that will support them the rest of their lives.

On an ideal school morning, you likely send your child off to school after an established morning routine and with a few kind words. Likewise, you probably try to end their day with an evening routine and an “I love you” before bed.

Some days aren’t ideal and chaos may reign your household. It happens to all of us! But still, if you think about the overall message you send to your child at home, it’s probably one of love and support. After all, most of that chaos is usually part of taking care of your family’s needs.

Unfortunately, unless your kids are homeschooled, they spend a big chunk of their days away from home. By the time they’ve sat through a couple of classes and engaged with classmates, those morning rituals are a distant memory.

Something as simple as a hand-written note on their napkin can make a big impact on your child. It’s the closest thing to being able to give your child a hug without actually being together.

A note from you in your child’s lunchbox lets your child know you’re thinking of him even when you’re not together. It puts your voice in her ear as she goes about her day.

If you’ve ever heard some of the ridiculous ideas kids come up with, trust me, you’ll want your voice in there to balance some of those ideas out!

I create printable lunch notes to make it super easy to practice this habit of connecting with our kids. Since Halloween is coming up, I wanted to share some free printable lunchbox notes for Halloween to make this holiday even more fun.

printable Halloween lunchbox notes on a purple polka dot background

Free Printable Lunchbox Notes for Halloween

I’m a complete nerd and I own it. I’m always making corny jokes that make the kids simultaneously giggle and roll their eyes. I am tickled by puns too.

These Halloween lunch notes are a perfect representation of my silly humor, but they’re full of sweet sentiments too. I hope they bring you and your child a lot of joy!

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