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Printable Tangram Objects Fun Activities For Kids

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Get your minds ready for some fun printable tangram objects. These fun activities for kids are just the trick to keep kids occupied and minds active this summer!

printable tangram objects


Tangrams are such fun puzzles to complete and they also have an interesting history.

While you are getting the children settled in to play with these printable tangram objects you can share some fun facts about tangrams with them!

  • A tangram is a puzzle
  • Tangrams originated in China
  • A tangram is a flat puzzle
  • People believe that tangrams were invented around 960-1279 AD
  • Tangrams were brought to America in the 1800s as gifts from travelers
  • The original tangrams were made of ivory, wood, glass or even turtle shell
  • Tangrams now are typically made from plastic or paper
  • Tangrams gained a lot of popularity during World War I
  • These are sometimes called tans


There are a few simple rules for the tangrams game. These Chinese puzzles are challenging, but doable as long as you follow the basic rules!

Each tangram consists of seven flat pieces called tans. There are two large triangles, two small triangles, a medium triangle, a square, and a parallelogram.

The goal is to put the seven pieces together to make shapes. This particular printable tangram is for different objects. You can find tangrams for all sorts of things like people, animals, etc.

The three main rules when making the shapes are:

  • You have to use all 7 pieces
  • The 7 pieces must all touch
  • The pieces cannot overlap
printable tangram puzzles of a shoe, plane, key and candle


Tangrams are great for kids. Using geometrical shapes for problem-solving is a wonderful activity for people of any age.

Like Printable Pentomino Puzzles, these puzzles are fun but also really help sharpen a person’s spatial awareness. When you are trying to figure out the puzzle you are forced to think through how the shapes can be turned and flipped around so they fit into the space without overlapping.

This will really help enhance the person’s problem-solving abilities. My printable tangram puzzle definitely fits into the STEM activities category.

printable tangram objects, shoe, plane, key, candle, shirt, tree, rocket, house


This printable tangram objects puzzle has 8 different templates you can make. I love having a key for kids to look at as they try to work with the tangram. It helps kids who get easily frustrated.

If you like to reuse and save money it is helpful to print these off on white cardstock and then laminate them. This makes it so easy to keep them in good condition so they can be used over and over again!

It always amazes me how I can bring something out again after a few months and my kids act as if they have never seen it before in their lives!

You can print these off for your own personal use. Just fill in the form below to download and print off the Printable Tangram Objects.

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printable tangram objects

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