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Printable Screen Time Tickets

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Screen time is a big concern for parents and these printable screen time tickets can help solve the problem of kids spending too much time on technology. A system to limit technology time doesn’t have to be painful if you implement it the right way.

printable screen time tickets


Printable screen time tickets are pieces of paper that allow a child a certain amount of time on technology. 

The tickets can be for different lengths of time. The printables I have offer time amounts of 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes. There is also a ticket that you can customize and write in a specific length of time.

There are many types of technology today so you will need to decide what qualifies. 

Some of the common screen types are television, phones, iPad, Kindles, Gameboy, Wii, Playstation, etc. 


There are many ways to use technology tickets. 

They can be used as part of a reward system. 

Another way to use screen tickets is as part of a chore system. 

The last way I can think of using these printable tickets is to give out a certain number each week and when they use them up they are done for the week. This will help children learn to manage their time wisely each day.

printable screen time tickets


If you decide to use screen time tickets as part of a reward system here are some ideas to help. 

Make a list of positive activities your child can participate in to earn rewards. The reward will be tickets. 

Different positive activities will earn different lengths of screen time tickets. 

Here are some activities that could earn screen time tickets as a reward:

  • Does homework without being asked.
  • Does not argue with parent all day.
  • Gets along with siblings.
  • Uses good manners.
  • Shares toys with friends or siblings.
  • Goes to bed online without being asked.printable screen time tickets you can customize


If you choose to use technology tickets as part of your chore system you might be surprised at how clean the house becomes.

I know that my children are willing to pitch in and do extra chores in order to earn more screen time. We always have routine family chores because everyone has to pitch in. The kids can go above and beyond their normal chores to earn extra screen time.

You can set up different chores to equal different screen time amounts. Another option is to give a screen time coupon after the child completes a certain number of chores. 

Here are some chores ideas that could result in earned tech time. 

  • Cleaning their room.
  • Dusting the living room.
  • Cleaning the bathroom.
  • Raking the yard or picking up sticks.
  • Weeding in the flower beds or garden.
  • Walking the dog. 
  • Washing the vehicle. 
  • Wiping down baseboards.


I have 7 pages of tickets for you to download and print off for your own personal use at home. 

In order to reuse these tickets over and over again, I like to print them off on white cardstock

Fill in the form below to print these off the Printable Screen Time Tickets.

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How do I print a PDF?

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printable screen time tickets for 60 minutes for children

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