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How Kids Can Earn Printable Mom Bucks

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These printable mom bucks will help encourage your kids to complete tasks around the house so they can earn extra treats and time with mom! This is a very customizable system and your family can adapt it to work for your children and situation.

printable Mom Bucks on a yellow background


There are kinds of “bucks” out there. Many schools use incentive systems to help kids succeed.

I have seen play money systems used in all kinds of scenarios and even in the workplace.

Mom bucks are simply printable pretend money that children can earn by completing specific tasks or behaviors.

Kids love “fake” money and this is simple and quick to implement at your house.


There are unlimited ways you can use these printable bucks.

Included in the PDF is a “How To Earn Mom Bucks” chart.

This easy to read chart lists different chores kids can complete and how many mom bucks they will earn.

The chores listed are:

  • Unload dishwasher without being asked
  • Good daily report from the teacher
  • All homework is done without arguing
  • An entire day spent with a cheerful attitude
  • Go an entire day without arguing with siblings
  • Do extra chore from the extras list

Obviously, depending on the age of your children and how you handle chores, these tasks may or may not work for your family.

I have included a blank “How to Earn Mom Bucks” chart for you to make your very own.

a chart on how to earn mom bucks


Once the kids have started accumulating some chore chart money they will want to start spending it too!

It is always fun to see which kids will save their bucks up and which kids will spend them right away.

The PDF includes a “How to Spend Mom Bucks” chart.

The chart lists different rewards kids can “buy” with their earned play money. Each reward has a set cost.

  • Treat from treat drawer
  • Small piece of candy
  • 30 minutes on iPad or tablet
  • 30 minutes of 1:1 game time
  • $1 of real money
  • You choose the entire dinner menu
  • Date with mom or dad
  • Have a friend over to spend the night

There is also a blank “How to Spend Mom Bucks” chart included for you to customize for your own needs.

a chart on how to spend mom bucks


I love keeping a basket or drawer full of treats for my kids. It is always nice to have items on hand that I can reward or surprise my kids with to make their day extra special.

Lots of kids will want to use their earned money picking a treat from the treat drawer.

I love to hit up my local Dollar Tree for items to stock in my basket. Many of the things they sell come in packages of several items so it makes the price very inexpensive.

Check out sales right after holidays for small toys and fun treats.

Sometimes I will order kids meals when I am eating out without the kids and put those toys in the treat drawer!

Don’t forget about party stores and Amazon for cheap ways to stock up. Here are some of my favorite “cheap” treats:

printable Mom Bucks and charts on a yellow background


This colorful and easy chore chart mom bucks reward system is printable for your convenience.

I like to print the mom money on white cardstock and cut them out using my paper trimmer. This allows the bucks to be reusable over and over again.

You can download and print these Mom Bucks off for your own personal use by filling in the form below.

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printable Mom Bucks and charts on a yellow and red background with title text reading Mom Bucks Reward System Make earning rewards fun!

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printable Mom Bucks and charts on a yellow and red background with title text reading Mom Bucks Reward System Make earning rewards fun!

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    • Thanks for commenting. I hope it’s helpful in your household.

    • I’m glad your kids would love it. How would they like to spend their mom bucks?

  1. I have tried multiple ways with my son, for chores/Behaviors hoping something like this will help

    • I hope it works! Hopefully the idea of earning something he wants when he completes his chores will be a great motivator!

  2. I can’t wait to try this with my kids! I’m sure it’s so effective!

    • Yes, it definitely works! I hope your kids have fun earning their mom bucks, and you enjoy watching them get their chores done.

  3. This is such a fun and effective incentive program. As the mom of three, I wish I’d had this when they were younger (they’re adults now)


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