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Printable Easter Placemat Fun For Kids

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A printable Easter placemat will bring some fun activities to the children’s table at your Easter luncheon. Kids will enjoy doing these simple games and will feel like big kids with their own table placemat.

printable Easter placemat with a pencil on it, next to dyed Easter eggs


When we have large family gatherings I like to have one or more kids tables available. It helps keep the mess a little more contained and kids enjoy sitting with other kids.

Here are some of the steps I take to make my gatherings as kid-friendly as possible:

  • I start off by looking at the ages of the children who will be attending the party. If they are toddlers or under the age of 5 then I set up some kiddie tables that have the small kid chairs. 
  • I love the Cosco Juvenile Set because it is a bigger table and has seven chairs! This will accommodate lots of littles. 
  • If there are lots of school-age children then I will set up multiple folding card tables with chairs. 
  • I definitely have plenty of glass-free drinking containers with LIDS for the kids to use. If you are having an Easter party it is always fun to stick with a theme and get cute Easter tumblers which also make great little guest gifts.
  • Put a printable Easter placemat at each seat with a small set of crayons for each child.
  • I try to avoid any centerpieces at the children’s eating areas because they usually end up getting in the way!


I absolutely love this adorable free printable Easter placemat. It is full of such fun! 

This activity placemat has the following options for your kids:

  • Tic tac toe, which my kids can play for hours!
  • An Easter maze where you can help the bunny get to the carrot.
  • A coloring page area where kids can color a bunny and some Easter eggs.
  • The Easter word scramble is the perfect way to challenge kids without being too difficult. 

These fun activities will keep kids entertained while they wait to eat at their Easter table.

printable Easter placemat with a pencil on it

You can download and print off this placemat for your own personal use at home. Just fill in the form below to access the Printable Easter Placemat.

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Spring and Easter are such a wonderful time of year. Weather is warming up and it is a great time to spend quality time together as a family. 

There are opportunities to get outdoors and do scavenger hunts, go on walks or hikes. On rainy days you can stay indoors and make play indoor games or make some Easter pudding cups

Maybe this is the year your family will start a garden. Start planning it now and make it a family event.

Think about ideas of random acts of kindness your family can do during the spring months to bless others in your community. The options are endless for staying busy this spring!

printable Easter placemat

Here are some more fun ways to stay busy this spring with your children:

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printable Easter placemat next to dyed easter eggs with title text reading Easter Placemats

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