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Printable Reward Chart for Kids

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A printable reward chart for kids is a simple way to encourage better behavior and goal-setting in your children. This brightly colored printable chart will motivate kids towards earning a prize.

printable reward chart for kids on a red background.


There is a lot of debate about reward charts for kids and whether they work or not.

As with most things, they won’t work if you don’t use them.

A lot of the failures with any kind of chore or reward systems come from failure on the parents part to follow through on the system.

I believe that reward charts can be a very effective way to help kids change a behavior, reach a goal or get their chores completed.

Many children are motivated by positive reinforcements and they will try hard to reach the end and the reward.

printable reward chart for kids on a red background.


I love the simplicity of this printable behavior chart.

It was created to be very versatile. This chart can be used for all sorts of behaviors and goals.

It is based on a monthly goal or behavior change.

Decide what the child needs to accomplish in order to reach their goal and get their reward. Here are some ideas:

  • Potty training
  • Completing a chore
  • Personal hygiene

It needs to be ONE thing. They will do or not do one thing each day.

If they succeed that day then at bedtime they can mark off a day on the chart.

When they reach the end of the month if they have filled up all the spaces they will get the prearranged reward.

Yes, the reward needs to be decided on at the BEGINNING of the month.

There is one free space on the card because everyone slips up occasionally and needs a free pass!


As far as marking off each day, this is a great opportunity to have even more fun with this daily behavior chart.

Personally, I like using stickers. Kids love stickers, they’re colorful, and they’re easy.

Here are some cute ones that fit the circles on this chart nicely:

You can also just make an “X” or put a checkmark in each space. Or, let your child color in the circle with a crayon or marker.

Want to reuse the chart month after month? Laminate it (or cover in clear contact paper) and mark off each day with a dry erase marker.


One reason some parents end up scrapping reward systems is because they create a system that isn’t sustainable.

If the rewards are too expensive, too difficult or too tiring for the parents then the program won’t last.

Try to come up with rewards that make the child happy, but don’t add to the parent’s stress load. Do try to make it a substantial enough reward for your child though so that they’re incentivized to earn it. 

A single piece of candy may not be an effective reward for the month because it’s simply too small. If you want to offer short-term rewards though (e.g. a small reward every 3-5 days of positive behavior/successful potties/no negative behaviors), a smaller prize is perfect!

Here are some reward ideas to consider when using this printable reward chart for kids:

  • Movie night and the child can pick the movie
  • One on one time with the child at the local park
  • Child can pick what is for dinner one night and help you cook dinner
  • $5 shopping spree at Dollar Tree
  • Trip to the local zoo
  • Go on a family scavenger hunt
  • Have a friend over for a play date
  • Extra time on electronics
  • Buying a new book
  • Stay up late one night
  • Go out for ice cream
  • Extra play time


You can download and print off this basic sticker chart for your own personal use

Print a new one off each month! Or, laminate it and use it again and again.

printable reward chart for kids on a red background.

The Printable Reward Chart for Kids is a PDF file that you can download and print over and over. It’s available for free to my subscribers.

Just fill in the form below to get the free printable reward chart for kids.

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