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Printable Reading Kit for Kids

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Summer is here and a printable reading kit for kids will help keep them focused on reading until school starts back up. I love activities for kids that are educational and that they will enjoy! Reading is definitely educational and most kids enjoy it too!

printable reading kit for kids on a blue background with title text reading Printable Reading Pack


If your child loves to read it won’t matter what time of year it is because they will be reading all year long. Children who aren’t naturally drawn to reading may have to be encouraged to read once school is out for summer.

It is common knowledge that kids can lose ground educationally over the summer if they don’t keep their minds active.

Reading during the summer can have benefits all year long. Summer reading will help keep a child’s vocabulary full. Books will introduce new words, concepts and problem solving too.


When I was a kid I remember having required reading lists over the summer. Our teacher would send home a list and we had to fill it up with the books we read and give it to our new teacher in the fall.

Required reading wasn’t very fun or exciting. Kids tend to buck when it comes to doing things that are “required”.

I have found that my kids are more receptive to summer reading when I make it fun for them.

An easy idea to make reading fun is to use a tool like this printable reading kit for kids.

Another easy idea is to start a kids book club with your child’s friends. The kids can get together each week and talk about the book they are reading.

Regular visits to the local library to find books that interest the child is also very important!


This printable reading kit for kids is very simple to use.

There are three different printables included in the kit. There is a reading log, book report form and printable book marks with cute dogs on them!


The first printable is a reading log. This reading log has space each day of the week for the child to write a summary of what they read and how many minutes and pages they read.

Writing the summary of what they read will help them retain the information and gives them practice writing.

Kids don’t have to read a long time each day, but strive to have them read at least 15-30 minutes daily.

You can always have some goals and prizes for the kids when they meet their minutes each week.

printable reading log for kids on a red background with white stars


The second printable in the kit is the book report. After your child finishes a book they can complete the book report page and tell the family all about what they read!

The book report isn’t overly detailed but gives a good summary of the story, characters and will help the child bring the whole story together.

I love to hear if my kids would recommend the book to their friends or if it was a dud.

printable book report for kids on a red, white and green background


The last printable in this set are some printable book marks the kids can use to keep their spot marked in the book.

These adorable bookmarks have dogs on them and are perfect for boys or girls. Kids will love the dog sayings on each bookmark.

printable bookmarks for kids on a blue and white polka dot background

If your child would rather have bookmark to color, there are plenty of options, including unique designs for different holidays!


You can download this free printable reading kit for kids for your own personal use. It is so important that we keep our kids reading!

Just fill in the form below to access the reading kit.

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printables for kids with title text reading Printable Reading Kit for Kids

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