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Printable Christmas Kindness Cards

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Printable Christmas kindness cards are a simple way to ensure you are focused on spreading extra love and cheer during the holiday season. These cards are also helpful in teaching children about giving and helping others.

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Kindness cards are small printable cards that help you be intentional about doing acts of kindness.

Each card has an individual act of kindness listed.

The cards are a good reminder to do a daily or weekly act of kindness for others in the community.

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I love involving my whole family in random acts of kindness. The Christmas season is a time of year when more people are focused on doing good for others than any other time of year.

It is easy to get the family excited about giving back and showing love to others with these printable Christmas kindness cards.

Print the cards off and sit down as a family.

Talk about the cards and explain why it is important to show kindness to other people. Explain to your family that you want to make kindness a priority this holiday season.

Set a goal that will work for your family on how many kindness cards you can complete before Christmas day!

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There are a lot of different options on these printable Christmas kindness cards.

Pick the ones that will work for your family based on your time availability and your budget. Be willing to set aside extra time and money to make this an important part of your Christmas season.

Many of these tasks won’t cost a dime though!

Here are some of the acts of kindness on the cards:

  • Donate toys or books
  • Donate warm clothes to a shelter
  • Make someone laugh
  • Hug someone
  • Donuts for police or fire station
  • Call a parent or grandparent
  • Help make dinner
  • Donate pet food
  • Leave a generous tip when you are out to eat
  • Introduce yourself to someone new
  • Host a pizza and wine party
  • Do a chore for someone else
  • Leave a snack for a delivery person
  • Shop local
  • Take soup to an elderly neighbor
  • Let someone get in line ahead of you
  • Tell a stranger to have a nice day
  • Share cookies at work
  • Mail a “thinking about you” note
  • Make a card for a school staff member
  • Take an elderly friend for groceries
  • Give a genuine compliment
  • Pick up litter in your neighborhood
  • Clean up a mess you didn’t make
  • Hold the door for someone


You can print off these kindness cards for your own personal use. There are four pages of cards!

Click this link or fill in the form below to download and print the Christmas Kindness Cards.

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printable Christmas kindness cards for kids

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printable Christmas kindness cards on a wood background with a string of Christmas lights and title text reading Christmas Kindness Cards

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