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Christmas Playdough Mats

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These Christmas Playdough Mats are so much fun for the kids! They’re a great way to get them away from the screens for creative and imaginative play.

Gearing up for the holidays is always a ton of fun and when you pair the holiday excitement with playdough, great things are sure to follow!

3 printable playdough mats titled decorate the ornaments, decorate the Christmas wreath and add a bow to the gift box, on a background with colored lights

Why Playdough Mats?

All kids love playing with playdough. It just makes sense because playdough can be stretched, molded, rolled, bounced, and made into a ton of different colors to be able to create some of the coolest things, ever.

They’re also a wonderful way to make learning fun! There are sight word playdough mats, playdough number mats, just to name a few educational options.

These playdough mats are great because they give a holiday image and then the kids can decorate that picture with playdough. This allows them to create and have fun doing so, too!

Benefits of Christmas Sensory Play

For younger children, sensory play is great for helping to develop fine motor skills and encouraging them to use their senses to learn.

Since these printable Christmas mats give them the freedom to create and play, their sensory skills will lead the way for fun Christmas play!

Creative Ways to Use These Holiday Printables

Let the kids pick the activity

With multiple printable Christmas play mats to choose from, give them the choice on where to start! This will encourage them to speak up and have fun in their choices – while also giving them the confidence to voice their thoughts.

Make easy playdough shapes

Once they’ve decorated all the holiday mats, have them create some fun playdough shapes as well! Can they roll the playdough into a circle? Or make a square with four equal sides?

Play pictionary with playdough

This is a fun way to get the family involved in creative play. Let the kids make anything that they want out of the playdough but state that it has to be Christmas-themed. No words can be used and have fun watching everyone try and guess what they’re creating.

Make your own playdough

Playdough isn’t hard to make and it’s a great activity to do together. It also introduces children to some elements of cooking like handling ingredients and measuring.

For Christmas, I recommend this gingerbread playdough recipe or this cinnamon playdough recipe.

Equipment Needed / Helpful Tools

  • Printer: This one is a great budget printer. If you’re willing to spend just a little more though, this is a better option. And if you’re looking for an all-in-one home office machine, this one does it all, has high reviews and includes 2 years of ink.
  • Printer paper or cardstock: If you’re printing for one-time, quick use, print on regular printer paper. If you need the printout to hold up to being handled often or if you plan to laminate it to use it multiple times, choose cardstock.
  • Laminator: Laminating your printable is an inexpensive way to use it multiple times. Just use dry erase markers and wipe off when you’re done so you can use it again!  Alternately, you can cover the printable with clear contact paper to achieve the same thing.


More Playdough & Play Mats Fun

Keep the sensory play fun going with these other activities!

How to Get the Playdough Templates

The Christmas playdough ideas is a PDF file that you can download and print over and over.

Just fill in the form below to access your copy of the Christmas Playdough Mats. 

Printable FAQs

How do I access the printable?

Fill in the form above. After you submit the form, you’ll receive an email from “Wondermom Wannabe” with a direct link to the printable. If you do not see the email in your inbox within a few minutes, check your spam folder.

Where can I find my file after I download it?

The most likely place will be in your computer’s Downloads folder. You can also select “Downloads” in your browser menu to see a list of your downloads, then simply select “Show in folder” below the file name to see where it is stored on your computer.

How do I print a PDF?

You’ll need a program that supports PDFS, like Adobe Acrobat (which is free). Open the program, click File > Print. Select your printer and set the number of copies you want to print. Double check your print preview, then click print.

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2 printables with colored lights in the background. 1 printable is titled decorate the gingerbread man. The other printable is the cover page titled Christmas Playdough Mats

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