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10 Fun Brain Games for Kids

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These brain games for kids are fun, interactive ways to stimulate thinking skills. Even better, once kids associate play with learning, they’re more excited about educational activities you want them to value like school, reading, and studying.

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Educational games provide many benefits to kids. They enhance kids spatial reasoning, memory, concentration, problem-solving skills, pattern recognition and visual perception.

The trick is finding games they actually enjoy playing. To help you do that, I’ve put together a list of some of my kids’ favorite brain games.

Brain Games For Kids

Here are some brain games for kids that we highly recommend.

1. Sudoku

Sudoku is a game that requires you to fill in a puzzle with numbers that are missing. The trick is that a number can only be one in each quadrant, row and column of the puzzle.

The great thing about Sudoku is that it’s convenient. Your child can play on a tablet or cellphone with the app or online game, they can even use the printable puzzles.

It’s a great activity that the kids could do during study period or when they finish there class work early and have spare time. The best part is that it’s challenging, but in a fun way by working out the brain.

Mother and daughter playing game on tablet computer

2. Color Code Breaking Games

The aim of these brain games are for kids to figure out the accurate color and placement of the dots in the sequence. The game starts by your kid having to guess the location and colors of the dots randomly.

After each guess, your child gets a clue to reveal how many dots are the right color and how many are in the right place. With this information, the player can then come up with a new guess getting them closer to the right sequence.

There are a few different versions of the board game and it’s available as an online application as well.

3. Combination Lock Puzzle

This game requires your kid to guess the number using the clues that give hints. Your child can improve and reinforce mathematical reasoning by playing Combination Lock Puzzle.

This game is an online application, so access to it would be easy. The clues about the number in a combination lead to your kid unlocking the lock.

There are hundreds of puzzles available at multiple levels and there are extra clues given to ensure your kid’s success. If your kid is younger, you can modify the clues so that it’s easier for them.

4. Verbal Venn

This is a verbal game which involves an imaginary Venn diagram. The one player would choose two contrasting objects, while the other player would try to find a characteristic which would link the two objects then the word would go in the middle of the Venn diagram.

For instance, if the two contrasting objects are oven and magazine, the characteristic which would like the two objects would be cookbooks (things in the kitchen that you read).

5. Memory

This is a classic memory game for kids that will teach them to concentrate and focus in order to match up pairs of cards. The great thing about the Memory game is that it’s an online application and it can be played on a tablet or phone.

Child Playing Memory game on a white table

You can use my printable forehead game cards to play memory. Just print out two sets of the cards.

6. Apple Tree

Apple Tree is a more kid-friendly version of the old and traditional favorite, Hangman. With Apple Tree, one person has to think of a word and then they have to draw dashes along a paper so that it can represent each letter of the word they thought of. Then, above the dashes, a tree needs to be drawn with seven apples.

The other person would then have to guess one letter each time, if the letter they guessed is in the word, the person that drew the dashes needs to fill in the blank spaces. However, the other person can only win if they guess all the letters in the word before the seven apples are filled.

7. SET Game

The SET Game has cards which display three different shapes and symbols. The shapes are of different amounts on each card, and the colors and shadings also vary.

Then three sets of cards are made in accordance with the given criteria. The game’s instructions are then given.

It’s a bit challenging at first, but it gets easier once you get the hang of the game. The SET Game makes your brain sharp.

8. Human Thesaurus

The way the Human Thesaurus game works is that the players choose a word and then they have to think of as many synonyms as they can.

A timer can be used to see who came up with the most synonyms in a certain time period, or the synonyms can be written down to see who comes up with the most amount of synonyms.

It’s a great way to get the kids to think on the spot and expand their vocabulary knowledge.

9. Kanoodle

Kanoodle is a great game for the kids who would go on to become engineers or mathematicians. The game has clues for two and three dimensional puzzles and it can be arranged in over 200 ways.

This game makes the kids use their critical thinking and spatial reasoning- the plus side is that the puzzle is portable, so the kids can take it with them on their family vacation.

The Junior Edition is available for the younger kids aged four to seven.

10. Blue Block

The focus of this brain game is to move the blue block out of a small opening. The trick is to move the blue block by changing the position of the blocks that are on the screen.

Blue Block starts out easy but it gets harder as you progress through the levels.


Try some of the games above with your kids to see which ones they like best. Hopefully, you’ll discover some fun new activities they truly enjoy!

More Educational Fun for Kids

You can see most of the games listed above, along with several others I recommend in the Brain Games for Kids section of my Amazon page. It’s full of brain teasers, games, and puzzle books your child will love!

You can also provide plenty of free, educational fun with the kids with some of my printable games. Check out these games:

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