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Winter Word Search for Kids

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Winter can be a hard time of year to keep kids busy, but this winter word search for kids will help. A fun way to work on winter-themed words at home or at school on those cold, icy days.

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Some days it is just too cold to send kids outside to play for more than a few minutes. Short winter days seem to really drag on and kids can easily become restless and irritable. 

One lesson I have learned from many years of parenting is that variety is the key to keeping kids happy during the long winter months. Add in new games and activities and you will be surprised how much more pleasant your days become.

Here are some fun and easy ideas you can do after the children finish their winter word search for kids activity page.

  • Build an indoor tent with sheets, blankets, and your kitchen table and chairs. Let kids work on schoolwork or read in the tent with flashlights.
  • Do a cooking lesson with the children and let them help make some apple cheesecake pancakes or some chunky monkey muffins
  • Talk to the kids about winter weather and have a little science lesson about snow and ice. PBS Learning Media has some weather lessons ready to go for parents and teachers.
  • Have an indoor snowball fight. Instead of actual snowballs buy a snowball fight kit. Kids will have a blast with these “fake” snowballs.
  • Make some hot chocolate peppermint spoons to use with a cup of hot cocoa. YUM!
  • Curl up and watch some great family-friendly “snow-themed” movies. One of our favorites is Snow Dogs.
  • Print off a family winter bucket list and make plans to try and cross as many items off the list as you can.
  • Play some indoor games that you have never played before.
  • Get the karaoke machine out and have some singing competitions. Get ready for some belly laughs!
  • Spend some time getting creative with legos and see what you can build.
  • Print this Winter Crossword Puzzle for Kids so they can have fun while keeping their mind active.
  • While the kids are taking a break from school, this winter drawing calendar will give them super fun ideas and directions on creative winter drawings to make!
printable winter word search for kids on a green background


This fun and useful printable winter word search for kids has 16 different winter-related words that children can search and find. 

The words are December, frozen, scarf, cold, winter, sled, January, sweater, chilly, blizzard, frost, coat, icicle, ice, cocoa, and snow.

You can download and print this off for your own personal use. Just fill in the form below.

More Winter Fun

This word search is just one of the many fun games in the winter activity kit for kids. Get the complete kit here:

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