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Printable Dinosaur Word Search for Kids

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A printable dinosaur word search for kids is a great way to keep kids busy looking for their favorite dinosaur words. This is a fun activity for home or school and helps children as they learn more about dinosaurs.

printable dinosaur word search for kids


If you have a dinosaur obsessed kid at your house they would be thrilled to take a trip to a dinosaur museum or exhibit. Many children would balk at going to a museum but there is something about dinosaur fossils that perks kids right up!

The US has a large number of very respected dinosaur museums all over the country. The kids can work on this printable dinosaur word search on the drive to the museum.

Here are some museums you should check out:

  • Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center is located near Colorado Springs, Colorado. This is a wonderful facility that houses over 30 life-size prehistoric specimens. They have a children’s resource center plus everyone can take a peek at Paleontology Lab and see the scientists working on real fossils.
  • American Museum of Natural History is located in New York City. This museum is world-renowned and is HUGE. They have the largest freestanding dinosaur display in the world not to mention many traveling exhibits that change regularly. You can visit regularly and always see something different!
  • Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. has a hall all about paleontology. This area is 31,000 square feet and has over 700 fossil specimens!
  • Field Museum in Chicago is located on the shores of Lake Michigan. They have the titanosaur Patagotitan mayorum which is the biggest dinosaur ever discovered. There are also many other exciting dino exhibits in this huge museum.
  • The Wyoming Dinosaur Center is in Thermopolis, WY, and was named one of the world’s coolest places for kids in 2019 by Time Magazine. One unique thing this location offers is access to a REAL dig site. There are tours of the dig site and it looks amazing.
printable dinosaur word search for kids


There are always those days when you need something for the kids to do. Maybe they are saying the dreaded word…BORED…or maybe the weather isn’t cooperating for outdoor play.

That is one reason I love free printables. It is an easy way to keep my kids active and their little brains working without going out and spending any money.

Like this Dinosaur Shadow Matching activity, this printable dinosaur word search for kids is a fun activity for all kids, but especially for kids who love dinos!

You can download and print off this fun word search for your own personal use. Just fill in the form below.

More Dinosaur Fun for Kids

This word search is just one of the many fun games in the dinosaur activity kit for kids. Get the complete kit here:

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printable dinosaur word search for kids

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