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Birthday Bingo

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Printable birthday bingo cards are a fun way to keep children entertained at a home birthday party. This set of brightly colored bingo cards works great for boys or girls.

printable Birthday Bingo on a blue background


Bingo is a game of chance and has been played in the US for many years. It is a popular game at casinos and carnivals but has evolved into a game that even children love to play. 

The goal of bingo is to being the winner and getting a prize. Adults like to play for cash prizes and children’s games usually consist of toy prizes. Everyone loves to win prizes.

The best part of bingo is that it is a very simple game and even young children can be taught how to play. 

Here are the basic instructions for how to play bingo:

  • Bingo cards have 24 spaces plus one free space in the center. The spaces are set on a 5 by 5 grid. 
  • One person is the caller and they do not have a card or participate in the actual game. They will call the number or pictures. 
  • Each bingo card is unique. The caller will draw random numbers or pictures. 
  • Each player will look at their card on each call and see if they have the number or picture. If they have it they will mark it with a bingo dauber or put an X on it with a pen. 
  • The game is won when someone completes a preordained bingo pattern such as 5 across or 5 down. 
  • The player who has obtained the pattern will shout out BINGO. Then the caller will check their card to make sure all the spaces were actually called during the game. 
  • If that player is determined to truly have a bingo they will receive a prize. 


I love to see how creative people can be in coming up with fun ways to play bingo. 

The typical game will consist of someone getting 5 spaces in a row. The spaces can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal. This can get boring and it is fun to change the game up. 

Here are some other types of bingos you can try when you play birthday bingo. These are kid-friendly patterns that will be easy for children to figure out.

  • T Pattern is getting 5 across on the top row and 5 down on the center row so the end result looks like a capital T.
  • 4 Corners consists of getting only 4 spots in each of the corners completed. 
  • Frame is getting all the boxes in a square along the outside of the board so it looks like a picture frame. 
  • BNO is getting all 5 spaces vertically on the B column and the N column and the O column. You have to get 15 spaces to win this round.
  • Black Out is getting every single space on the board filled. 
printable Birthday Bingo on a blue background


I have four different birthday bingo cards plus a key that you can cut out each of the pictures on the cards.  You can download and print these off for your own personal use. Personally, I like to print these off on cardstock so they can be reused. 

If you laminate the cards you can have kids use whiteboard markers to mark their spots and then they can be cleaned and reused! 

Fill in the form below to print these cards off for your party.  

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    • This version of Bingo is more kid-friendly than the version with calling out a letter-number combination. So, instead, you would just call out the picture. You would describe what colors, patterns, shapes are on the object on the card so the kids can look for the picture on their card. You can also hold the picture up so the kids can see what it looks like.

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