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Winter Crossword Puzzle for Kids

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A printable winter crossword puzzle for kids will be a great children’s activity for a cold and wintry day. Crossword puzzles keep the mind active and are also fun to complete.

printable winter crossword puzzle for kids on a green background


The first thing I think of when I hear the word winter is snow. I realize not everyone gets to enjoy snow in the winter and some people would prefer to never get snow. 

Snow and snowmen are typically well-loved by children. I know my kids always love a good snowfall and the snowman they will build together. 

If you kids love snow then be sure to check out these snow activities after they finish their winter crossword puzzle for kids.

  • Make some DIY sparkly puffy snow paint and create snowman paintings to hang around the house. This snow paint is a blast to use and is only 3 simple ingredients.
  • Use these cute snowman poop treat bag labels to make gift bags of snowman poop to hand out to friends. 
  • Winter is never complete without making snow ice cream right after you play outside in the snow.
  • Get a fun snow globe activity kit and create snowglobes. Kids go crazy for snow globes!
  • Add a new element to playing outside in the snow by getting the children a snow art kit. They will be able to get so creative with their outdoor fun.
  • Play a round of Snowman Slam which is just a fun name for an indoor bowling game using styrofoam cups that have been crafted to look like snowmen men and rolled-up socks that look like snowballs!
  • Younger kids will especially enjoy making a melting snowman paper plate craft. This is super cute and easy to make.
  • Surprise your kids with a special lunch that features snowman-shaped pasta!! Add it to soup or make homemade macaroni and cheese.
  • Add some snowman Nutter Butter cookies to the table and you will get a smile for sure!
  • Let the kids help make snowman juice boxes as their drinks for the day.
printable winter crossword puzzle for kids on a green background


This fun winter crossword puzzle for kids has seven pictures of items associated with winter. Children will figure out what each item is in order to complete the crossword puzzle.

You can download and print this off for your own personal use at home. 

Just fill in the form below to download the Winter Crossword Puzzle.

More Winter Fun for Kids

This Winter Crossword Puzzle is just one of the many fun games in the Winter Activity Kit for Kids. Get the complete kit here:

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printable winter crossword puzzle for kids on a green background

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