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Camping Word Search for Kids

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 A camping word search for kids is the perfect way to get them excited for an outdoor family adventure. Printable activities for kids can keep kids focused and occupied on the drive to your favorite campsite.

printable Camping Word Search for Kids with grass in the background


Most of the children I know love camping and the very idea of camping gets them pumped up. There may be some kids who have never been camping before and the thought of camping terrifies them. 

Camping is a wonderful way to spend time outdoors and really connect as a family and unplug. Unfortunately, the great outdoors can be intimidating for some people. 

No one wants to drag a child along on a trip they aren’t excited about. 

If you can find ways to educate your kids about camping before you go it will make the whole trip more fun for everyone and will relieve the child’s anxiety.

If you have children who are hesitant about the camping experience there are some things you can do to hopefully get your child excited about camping.

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Reading some books about camping before you go can make a big difference. Many children have seen shows and movies that may depict an unrealistic portrayal of camping. 

Educating kids about the realities of camping can help. 

Here are some great books for kids of different ages:

printable Camping Word Search for Kids with grass in the background


This camping word search for kids will give children some camping words to learn. There are lots of fun camping activities you can talk to kids about to get their excitement level up.

You might want to have a trial camp out in your back yard. 

Get some activity books, kits, and camping printables and show the kids all the fun things you will be able to do on the camping trip. Here are some great choices:

family camping with a brother and sister looking at a map near their tent


You can print off this fun camping word search for kids for your own personal use at home. 

Just fill in the form below to download and print the Camping Word Search.

More Camping Fun

This word search is just one of the many fun games in the camping activity kit for kids. Get the complete kit here:

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