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Top 10 Fun Minute to Win It Games for Teens

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If you’re looking for quick and easy party games to play with your friends, or you’re a parent in need of activities to entertain a group of teenagers, then any of these Minute to Win It Games for Teens can help you out!

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Getting teens to loosen up a bit and participate in any gathering can be quite a challenge. But with these games in your arsenal, teenagers can’t help but have fun! Plus, you won’t need to prepare too much to get the game going – which is always good, especially if you’re hosting the event.  

In this list, we’ll be giving you our top recommendations for great games for teens to play and what you’ll need to prepare beforehand to play them. It’s time to get the great times rolling with these minute-to-win-it games for teens! 

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What Is A Minute To Win It Party Game?

Minute to Win It games are exactly as they sound! They are based on a popular American game show on NBC where contestants are challenged to play various games to win big cash prizes (up to $1,000,000!) But, to advance to the next level and get a chance to win the prize, they have to complete a game in exactly one minute.  

A man's hand holding a stopwatch on a yellow background.

These games often use common household items to achieve a goal – such as using a pasta noodle to move one soda can from one table to the next or arranging boxes in ascending order by just listening to and guessing how many bells are inside

Onlookers may find them easy to do, considering how much you’ll get when you succeed. That’s why, with how much fun and exciting these challenges were, even those watching at home began playing versions of the game during parties and coming up with their own prizes.

Why Play Minute to Win It Games for Teenagers?

What makes holding these family-friendly games worth it? Here are some reasons:

  1. Helps them to connect with others. Some games require teens to split into pairs or work as a group. This will allow your teens to have a chance to build new friendships or deepen any existing bonds. It’s important to note that teens need to develop good friendships that can help them develop a sense of belonging, help build their confidence, and become their security and comfort as they embark on the journey of growing up.  
  2. Allows them to have fun. Doing fun activities, such as playing games, allows your teens to create happy and lasting memories – something they can fondly look back on as they grow older.
  3. Challenges them in different ways. Some of these games may seem deceptively simple! However, part of the fun is how quickly they can devise and utilize a strategy to beat the game. These games can also challenge them physically and mentally, and your teens might or might not succeed in their efforts. However, the positive feeling of overcoming a particularly difficult game can give them such an enjoyable rush!

Top 10 Amazing Minute to Win It Game Ideas

Here are our top 10 Super Fun Minute to Win It Games for Teens.

1. T-Shirts Party

No hesitations now, wear as many shirts as possible before time runs out!

Things You’ll Need:

  • About 20-30 old T-shirts
  • Timer
A pile of colorful t-shirts on a white background, perfect for minute to win it games for teens.


  1. Divide your teens into groups.
  2. Have each team choose the person who will wear the T-shirt.
  3. Have the rest of the team help them put on as many T-shirts as possible in one minute.
  4. The team with the person wearing the most number of shirts wins the game!

2. Keep It Up

Focus and coordination are key in this balloon game!

Things You’ll Need:

Balloons and feathers on a  colorful background, perfect for minute to win it games for teens.


  1. Teens play individually.
  2. The player must keep the 2 feathers in flight by blowing them up in the air. No feather should touch the ground or the player fails the challenge.
  3. The player who successfully keeps the 2 feathers afloat wins the game.

Optional: You can also work with balloons on this one. Each player should keep 5 balloons floating by tapping or touching them. Whoever keeps the balloons in flight after one minute wins.

3. Stack Attack

Be quick and precise, or you’ll lose out!

Things You’ll Need:

  • 21 plastic cups per player
  • Timer
A teen boy is participating in a minute to win it game with a stack of red cups.


  1. Teens will be playing as individuals for this one.
  2. Using the 21 plastic cups, they need to assemble a pyramid.
  3. After assembling the pyramid, they need to disassemble it right after.
  4. The fastest player who can assemble and disassemble a pyramid wins.

4. Caddy Stack

Steady hands and staying calm are key to taking the prize home with this one!

Things You’ll Need:

Three golf balls stacked on top of each other on a green background.


  1. In under one minute, players must stack 3 golf balls on top of each other.
  2. The player who can vertically stack the golf balls the fastest wins!

5. The Candelier

Precision and determine are the name of the game here!

Things You’ll Need:

  • 5 paper plates per player
  • 15 empty cans per player
  • Timer
Minute to win it games for teens feature paper plates and cans displayed side by side.


  1. Each player starts building their chandelier/pyramid with 1 can and 1 paper plate on top of it. The goal is to make an inverted pyramid.
  2. On top of the can, players will add a paper plate and then add 2 cans. The player will then add another plate and add 3 cans on top of it. The process repeats until all paper plates and cans are used.
  3. The player who builds the most stable candelier in one minute wins!

6. Speed Eraser

Is this a game of skill or luck? Try it and find out!

Things You’ll Need:

A cup and colorful pencils, perfect for some fun minute to win it games for teens.


  1. Line up all the heavy cups in a single row on the table.
  2. Players will bounce a pencil on the table (with the eraser hitting the table) and try to land it inside one cup.
  3. A player should land a pencil in each of the 7 cups, all in one minute. The one who can do it fastest wins the game.

7. Suck It Up

For this Minute to Win It game for teens, the challenge lies in balance and speed!

Things You’ll Need:

  • 5 Straws (1 for sucking the chocolate candies and 4 for sticking them up in a row).
  • Chocolate candies
  • Bowl
  • Timer
Collage of colorful straws, candy, and a bowl, serve as props for teen games.


  1. Using a straw, the player will suck up a chocolate candy from a bowl.
  2. The player will walk toward the line of straws and then place the chocolate candy on top of the straw.
  3. If the player drops the candy, they can pick another one from the bowl and try again.
  4. The player who transfers four chocolate candies the fastest within one minute wins!  

8. Marshmallow Pick Up Game

It’s time to move it! Grab those marshmallows and move as much as you can.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Mini marshmallows
  • Skewers or chopsticks
  • Bowl
  • Timer
Pictures of a hand holding chopsticks, a bowl and mini marshmallows.


  1. Similar to Pick It Up, the player has to transfer as many marshmallows to a bowl, but with the use of skewers or chopsticks.
  2. However, the challenge is that they can’t stab the marshmallows when picking them up!
  3. The player who gets the most number of marshmallows in the bowl in less than a minute wins. 

9. Starburst Stack

Stack em’ fast and stack em’ right!

Things You’ll Need:

  • Popsicle stick
  • Starburst candies
  • Timer
A pile of colorful popsicle sticks on a blue surface, perfect for minute to win it games for teens.


  1. Divide players into teams of two.
  2. One player must hold a popsicle stick in their mouth.
  3. The other has one minute to try and stack as many Starbursts as possible on top of the stick.
  4. The pair with the most number of stacked Starbursts in a minute wins.

10. Ping Pong Drop

Time to put your shooting game to the test!

Things You’ll Need:

  • Ping Pong Balls
  • 5 Plastic Cups (optional: you can use more)
  • Tape
  • Table
  • Timer
Ping pong balls, cups and tape perfect minute to win it games for teens.


  1. Tape the plastic cups on one end of the table. Label them 1 – 5 (or more if you use more cups).
  2. Players will be asked to roll ping pong balls one at a time from the other side of the table and get them to land inside the cups. Scores will be based on which cup the ping pong ball lands in (i.e., 3 points if the ball lands in a cup labeled ‘3’).
  3. The player with the highest score in a minute wins the game.


Where Can You Play These Minute to Win It Games For Teens?

That will depend on which games you’re playing! Most of these games can be played indoors, in the backyard, garage, or at a park; you just need to provide a large enough space to accommodate the players.

What Other Games Can Teens Play?

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How About Other Icebreakers for Teens?

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Play The Best Minute to Win It Games for Teens

Getting your teens to have fun doesn’t have to be hard! Just prepare these easy games for them to enjoy – and they’ll laugh, show off their skills, and have a blast in no time!

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