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60 Would You Rather Questions For Teens For A Super Fun Time

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Are you a mom who needs a great way to get a sullen, too-quiet teenagers group talking? Or are you a teenager looking for a fun and cool activity to liven up your hangouts that’s perfect for teens? Posing Would You Rather Questions for Teens is definitely a surefire way to get to know them better, break the ice, and get them talking and laughing with each other in no time at all! 

Would you rather questions for teens printable cards.

Check out our list below of good questions, from silly questions to deeper, more reflective ones, that you may print out and use when you or your teens are hosting the game for friends.

Be prepared for time spent with teens or friends that will be as thrilling as it is insightful!

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How to Play The Game Would You Rather for Teens

Did you know Would You Rather started not as a game but appeared as a stock question in psychological studies looking into motivation as early as the 1960s? That’s because you are asked to choose between two options, which can both be very appealing or very unpleasant. It depends on your tastes and preferences, though neither choice is considered wrong. However, the answer can’t be “both” or “neither” – you must pick one and say why.

The same principle applies for how to play Would You Rather For Teens. To play this game, you will need at least two people who will take turns asking and answering questions, starting with “Would You Rather…” and then elaborating on their choice. The more players there are, the more fun the game can be, especially if a bit of fun debate occurs on why one answer is better! 

So, of course the set of questions is vital to the game. You will need to come up with interesting questions first, which you can make up on the spot or download the questions below and print them out. Then cut them out and put in a bowl for players to pick up and read aloud for the rest to listen to and ponder.  

Benefits of Would You Rather Game For Teens 

While it can be a bit of a silly game, playing Would You Rather can be a fun, educational activity. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Develop their listening and critical thinking skills – to get the ball rolling, teens need to listen to and think about which option to choose, which can help boost their listening and critical thinking skills. Having great abilities in both can help carry them far in life!
  • Express their thoughts – part of the game is elaborating on their choices within a relatively short time frame. Think of it as part of their training on how they can translate their thoughts into words better and quicker, too. The benefits of expressing themselves include improving communication and building relationships and confidence.  
  • Learn about each other – this game can be insightful, especially as it lets you glimpse how others think. It’s an awesome exercise for relationship-building and creating bonds with others!

Complete List of Questions For Teens (High School Students and/or Middle School Students)

So, with that stuff out of the way, let’s get to it! Here are our questions for teens and/or middle school kids to get their brains working overtime.

Best Would You Rather Questions To Break The Ice

  1. Would you rather be Captain America or Iron Man?
  2. Would you rather teleport to another place or another time?
  3. Would you rather have all-female siblings or all-male siblings?
  4. Would you rather get banned from Instagram or X?
  5. Would you rather be only able to receive texts or send them?
  6. Would you rather live in Los Angeles or New York?
  7. Would you rather work part-time or ask your parents for money to buy the latest gadgets?
  8. Would you rather go to a concert or the movies for a date?
  9. Would you rather win or let others win?
  10. Would you rather win the lottery or have the ability to shape-shift?
  11. Would you rather have telekinesis or be able to stop time?
  12. Would you rather have a family member post a video of you singing or dancing on social media?
Would you rather questions for teens printable cards.

Funny Would You Rather Questions for Teenagers

  1. Would you rather get runny diarrhea or constipation?
  2. Would you rather meow or bark when you talk?
  3. Would you rather sing off-key or forget the lyrics to a song?
  4. Would you rather throw up or fall right in front of your crush?
  5. Would you rather find a fingernail or a hair strand in your food?
  6. Would you rather have a breath that smells like an onion or a garlic?
  7. Would you rather fart really loudly or really stinkily?
  8. Would you rather have sweaty underarms or feet?
  9. Would you rather get thrown in the trash or flushed down the toilet?
  10. Would you rather have a huge pimple on your nose at prom or on picture day?
  11. Would you rather drink a salmon smoothie or a milkfish milkshake?
  12. Would you rather eat moldy bread or drink expired milk?
Would you rather questions for teens printable cards.

Deep Would You Rather Questions for Teenagers 

  1. Would you rather be a hero or a villain?
  2. Would you rather stay single or get married for life?
  3. Would you rather be a heart surgeon or a hired killer?
  4. Would you rather learn something new yourself or have someone teach you?
  5. Would you rather have many acquaintances or few close friends?
  6. Would you rather have the power to stop world hunger or achieve world peace?
  7. Would you rather meet a famous celebrity or a family member you’ve never seen?
  8. Would you rather be a teenager forever or be an adult forever?
  9. Would you rather save all the animals or save all the children from danger?
  10. Would you rather be a bully or get bullied?
  11. Would you rather always lie or always tell the truth?
  12. Would you rather get a job you love but don’t make enough or a job you hate that’s very financially rewarding?
Would you rather questions for teens printable cards.

Generic Would You Rather Questions for High School Students

  1. Would you rather run out of gas or get a flat tire in the middle of the road?
  2. Would you rather shop online or in stores?
  3. Would you rather pilot a plane or be captain of a ship?
  4. Would you rather be lactose-intolerant or allergic to nuts?
  5. Would you rather send the wrong text or post the wrong photo?
  6. Would you rather be a zombie or a vampire?
  7. Would you rather make your own dinner or order takeout?
  8. Would you rather have grey or white hair?
  9. Would you rather watch rom-coms or scary movies?
  10. Would you rather sleep in class or get to school late?
  11. Would you rather play video games or hang out with friends after school?
  12. Would you rather be in a music band or drama club?
Would you rather questions for teens printable cards.

Awesome Would You Rather Questions for Middle Schoolers

  1. Would you rather get no presents for Christmas or your birthday?
  2. Would you rather be the teacher’s favorite or the class clown?
  3. Would you rather be the smartest or the prettiest/most handsome in your class?
  4. Would you rather have a cat or a dog as a family pet?
  5. Would you rather have a younger or older sibling?
  6. Would you rather give up your phone or your tablet/PC/laptop?
  7. Would you rather eat a peanut butter or jelly sandwich?
  8. Would you rather fail a math test or cheat to pass?
  9. Would you rather have no deodorant or toothpaste for two weeks?
  10. Would you rather eat lunch alone or with a bunch of new students in your school?
  11. Would you rather play solo in a band or sing solo in a choir?
  12. Would you rather move ahead or go back two grade levels?
Would you rather questions for teens printable cards.


When Can You Play This Game?

The beauty of this game is that you can play it almost anywhere you have a group of teens gathered around. It can be at parties, at sleepovers, at camp, or even in the classroom if you’re a teacher. 

Plus, you can tailor-fit your questions to be more appropriate for the season or occasion – such as Halloween, Christmas, or Easter.

What Materials Do You Need For Playing Would You Rather?

To play this game in a more orderly way, all you need is a list of pre-made questions. This way, the game doesn’t lose its momentum as you won’t need to pause for some time to think of the next question. 

You can print the questions, cut them up, and put them in a bowl for a more randomized way of asking questions, or you can skip the bowl and ask the questions per category like the ones we’ve listed here. It’s up to you!

Aside From Would You Rather, What Other Fun Activities Can You Play With Teens?

Fun indoor games you can play with your kids include Minute to Win It, Blindfold Obstacle Course, Balloon Juggling, Never Have I Ever Teenage Questions and Pyramid Stack Race using plastic cups. Outdoor activities include sports like basketball or swimming, visiting their favorite park, or even going to the mall together. 

Would You Rather Questions for Teens PDF

Fill in the form below to have a copy of the question cards sent to your inbox. That way you can print the cards and pull them out anytime to play a quick game of Would You Rather.

I recommend printing the cards on cardstock and laminating them so you can use them over and over. Of course, the PDF is yours to keep forever so you can always just print a new copy whenever you need!

Would You Rather for Teens: A Fun Way To Spend Time With Your Teenagers!

Just because they’re growing up doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them! Apart from these indoor games for teens, this game is a fantastic way to get a group of teens to open up.

These Would You Rather for Teens questions make for an interesting game and allows young adults to think outside the box and express their thoughts. Who knows? Maybe this game can bring acquaintances and friends together! 

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