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62 Fun Things to Do for Teens and Tweens

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Our list of fun things to do for teens and tweens will satisfy your teen’s low-key or adventurous spirit!

A group of teens snapping a selfie, with text title Fun things to do for Teens.

We have curated a list ranging from things teens can do indoors to activities they can try outdoors and/or with friends. We also included a list of fun yet challenging activities for teens.

Being young is all about learning new things and having great fun. And, with these things to do for teens, it’s easy to do both at the same time.

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How Do Teenagers Benefit From Doing Fun Activities?

When we think of fun activities, playing might be the first thing that comes to mind. And, often, we associate the word ‘play’ with younger kids.

A group of teens snapping a selfie.

However, people of all ages, especially teens, can also benefit from engaging in playful and fun things. They offer a lot of positive effects for teens, such as:

Socializing With Others

Building friendships is one of the most important things teens can do at their age. Socializing with friends can be considered one of the key parts of growing up.

Doing fun things together allows your teen to connect with people with the same interests and passions while enjoying themselves.   

Getting Out of Their Comfort Zone

Whether learning a new hobby, trying out a new game, or testing a new sport with friends, doing fun things can enable teens to step out of their comfort zone. This allows them to learn more about themselves and discover their unique taste and preferences. 

Making Room for Growth

Doing fun things enables your teens to grow further. Playing can further stimulate your teen’s cognitive, physical, and social growth. 

It’s also helpful for letting your teens express their creativity, practice problem-solving, and enrich their communication skills. These are skills that will help take them far in life. 

Fun Activities for Teens Who Want a Challenge

Up the ante and have more fun while challenging themselves with these activities. 

A group of teens playing musical instruments, an activity perfect for teenagers.
  1. Make a playlist – Curate different playlists and share them on Spotify with everyone.
  2. Learn a new language – It’s never too early to learn a new language.
  3. Do a mud run with friends – Push and test one’s self in this military-like obstacle course.
  4. Host a fashion show – Let the best fashionista sashay on the runway.
  5. Make a school year memoir – Take a picture every day of the school year and make a video.
  6. Create a DIY escape room – Put their wits and skills to the test to escape the room.
  7. Chocolate tasting party – Teens bake their own chocolates and have a blast tasting everything.
  8. Paint shoes – Get creative and paint on leather kicks.
  9. Play Minute to Win It Games – Focus is key to winning these challenging games.
  10. Do a cooking contest – Compete with friends for the title of Master Chef.
  11. Finish a puzzle together – Two or more heads are definitely better than one in completing a 1000-piece puzzle.
  12. Do Geocaching Find all the hidden geocaches in the area or wherever the teens go.
  13. Build a garden – Gardening with love rewards them with fruits of their own labor.
  14. Learn to knit or crochet – Teens can relax, destress, and channel their energy towards making unique yarn creations. 
  15. Learn a musical instrument – Explore a new outlet of musical and emotional expression through playing an instrument.
  16. Learn calligraphy – Take writing to the next level and learn calligraphy.
  17. Make a movie/film – Teens can try their hand at making their own homemade movie with friends.
  18. Start a small business – The teenage years are a good time to learn the business ropes.
  19. Have a photoshoot – Dress up and strike a pose, this fun activity will surely be a memorable one.
  20. Raise funds for a cause – Teens can use their talents and skills to help raise funds for a good cause.

Fun Things for Adventurous Teens to Try

Have a teen who loves sports and adventures? Here are some exciting things they can do to satiate their adventurous spirits.

Two young teens kayaking on a river.
  1. Skateboarding – Skateboarding at a skate park can be a fun and thrilling sport that your active teen will love. 
  2. Go to a trampoline park – Teens will enjoy jumping, twisting, and flipping to their heart’s content.
  3. Learn water sports – Swimming, surfing, water skiing, or kayaking are just some of the coolest water activities to try.
  4. Try extreme sports – Older teens might find skydiving, rock climbing, or snowboarding extremely enjoyable. 
  5. Go hiking – Your teens will love a chance to explore the great outdoors with a nature hike. 
  6. Navigate an underground river or cave – This activity allows teens to see nature completely differently. 
  7. Go to outdoor adventure parks – These parks offer thrilling and exciting activities like zip-lining, base jumping, and various rope and obstacle courses.  
  8. Try indoor skydiving – There’s less risk but the same fun when skydiving in a wind tunnel.
  9. Go star walking Hike at night, pitch a tent, and simply enjoy the beautiful night sky.
  10. Catch Pokemons – Go on a Pokemon hunting adventure with friends or family cause you ‘gotta catch em all!’

Fun Indoor Activities for Teens 

If your teens (boys and girls) love spending a lot of time at home, here are some suggestions for activities that they can do.

A girl is getting her face painted by her friend in front of the camera, a fun indoor activity for teens.
  1. Have a movie marathon – Binge-watch movies or a TV series with delicious snacks with their favorite friends.
  2. Join a cooking or baking class – Whipping up their own culinary creations is a lot of fun.
  3. Do a room makeover – Waking up to a new room set-up can help get them in a positive mood.
  4. Attend a Comic-Con – Whether a teen is a fan or not, attending a Comic-Con is a fun experience.
  5. Practice putting on makeup – Practice makes perfect and this is definitely true for that perfect winged eyeliner.
  6. Change hair color – Changing looks is always fun but it’s better when done with friends together.
  7. Have a spa day – Enjoy a day of pampering with friends or family because teens deserve it, too.
  8. Make TikTok videos – Creating videos on TikTok is a fun way to express creativity and share talents.
  9. Host a game night – Whether it’s Poker, UNO, Scrabble, or Chess, a game night is a surefire hit among friends.
  10. Try cosmic bowling – Let the cosmic lights in the bowling alley pave the way for a strike.

Fun Outdoor Things to Do for Teens

These outdoor activities offer fun and excitement for your teens and their friends.

A group of teens roasting marshmallows around a campfire, a fun outdoor activity for teens.
  1. Go camping – Camping offers a break from technology and a chance to spend time and connect with nature.
  2. Do a scavenger hunt – A bigger playing area gives an extra challenge for the teens.
  3. Go to a music festival or concert – Teens love going to a concert together because it’s simply fun.
  4. Visit a funfair – Funfairs are always a great way to spend a day of fun with friends and family. 
  5. Go to an amusement park – Amusement parks offer many park rides for teens to enjoy.
  6. Go biking – Rent bikes at bike rentals in town with friends and go biking around town together.
  7. Do backyard camping – Let the teens enjoy their own version of camping right in your backyard.
  8. Host a marshmallow roast – Set up a bonfire and have everyone roast marshmallows, share stories, and sing songs.
  9. Have a BBQ party – Good food and good company always makes the perfect combination.
  10. Play mini-golf – Teens can have a night out with friends and play several games of mini-golf.

Fun Activities for Tweens and Teens

Here are other activities that your teens and tweens will enjoy doing:

A group of teenagers driving go karts on a track, enjoying a fun activity together.
  1. Have a sleepover – Let your teens have a couple of friends over for a night and try these slumber party ideas.
  2. Play video games at the arcade – The arcade is the perfect place to keep teens entertained for hours on end.
  3. Go-karting – Have a fun day at the race track and beat friends to the finish line.
  4. Go to a VR arcade – Escape reality for a few hours with virtual reality games.
  5. Go to a drive-in movie – Enjoy a family night by watching a movie together in the car.
  6. Have a Nerf fight – A Nerf gun fight is hours and hours of fun that the whole family can enjoy.
  7. Tie-dying – Whether it’s a shirt or bag, tie-dying is always a fun thing to do.
  8. Go thrifting – Find cheap treasures or have the “Best Buy” battle with friends.
  9. Join a sports league – Get those competitive juices flowing by taking part in a sports league.
  10. Start a book club – For those who love books, a book club is a fun way to get together and talk about what they love.
  11. Volunteering with friends – Doing something for a cause is fun, but it’s even more fun when you do it with friends.
  12. Make YouTube content – Plan and create video content with friends and let their creativity take center stage.

Enjoying the Teenage Years

The teenage years are an exciting and dynamic time filled with endless possibilities for fun and adventure.

A group of young people standing together in a circle looking down at the camera.

Whether exploring the great outdoors, trying new hobbies, or simply hanging out with friends, this list of fun things to do for teens can make these years memorable and enjoyable.

The best part is that they can do these activities with friends and family, so you can all have these shared experiences together.

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