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Mini Envelope Template

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This mini envelope template is so easy to use. You will have adorable mini envelopes ready to go in no time. You will be amazed at how many ways you can use a tiny envelope!

yellow, blue and green mini envelopes on a white background


If you have never used a miniature envelope you may be unsure why on earth you would want to take the time to make some with this mini envelope template.

There is something adorable about tiny objects and envelopes are no different.

Here are some ideas on how to use mini envelopes:

  • Store a key in the mini envelope and label it.
  • Keep rare coins in mini envelopes and label them so you know what you have.
  • Store a lock of hair from your child’s first haircut in a tiny envelope and place it in their baby book.
  • This is a great place to keep a lost tooth!
  • Mini envelopes are a wonderful embellishment in scrapbooking.
  • A tiny envelope would be perfect if you are sending someone flowers.


There are only six supplies needed for this envelope project. Most of these are items you already have around the house.

  • Colorful paper
  • Glue stick or other paper glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Beads
  • Colorful floss, twine or very thin ribbon
supplies needed for mini envelope template, including green, yellow and blue paper, scissors, glue stick and pencil on a white background


This is one of the easiest DIY projects I have on my blog! If you can cut and use a glue stick then you can make a mini envelope! I love simple projects and kids can help too.

yellow, blue and green mini envelopes on a white background


The first step is to print off the mini envelope template.

printable mini envelope template

Fill in the form below to get the template.

I would suggest you print the template on the colored paper you want to use for the envelope. It will save you the time of having to trace the template!

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printable mini envelope template and green paper cut out in the shape, next to scissors on a white background

Now that you have the template printed it is time to cut it out.


The template has numbers on it to make it easy to fold this correctly.

Fold “1” then apply some glue on top of it. Then you will fold “2” over it and stick it with “1”.

unfolded green envelope from template on a white background

Next, you will fold “3” and glue it to complete the basic envelope.

how to glue a diy mini envelope on a white background


It is time to add the string or floss you are using. This will allow you to clasp the envelope.

Cut a 4-5 inch long section of string and glue it to the back top portion of the envelope.

how to add string to a mini envelope on a white background


Take 2 very small pearl beads. Glue one on the middle top part of the envelope and the other on the middle of the envelopes top fold.

This allows you to bring the string around the front and loop it around the beads for a cute closure.

All you have left to do is decide how to use these around the house.

green mini envelope on a white background


You can download and print off these easy instructions and supplies on the card below.

blue, yellow, green miniature envelopes with string closing the envelopes
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Mini Envelope Template

This easy tutorial is for a mini envelope template so you can make tiny envelopes to use around the house and in craft projects.
Active Time10 minutes
Total Time10 minutes
Cost: $1


  • Scissors


  • Colorful papers
  • Paper Glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Beads
  • Colorful Floss, String or Thin Ribbons


  • Cut out the envelope using the template.
    directions for making a mini envelope
  • Fold the envelope according to the numbers given on the template.
    unfolded envelope from template
  • Fold “1” then apply some paper glue on top of it. Then fold “2” over it and stick it with “1”.
    glue stick and a small green envelope
  • Fold “3” and glue it to finish the envelope.
    how to glue a diy mini envelope
  • Take a 4-5 inches long floss and glue it on the back top of the envelope.
    how to add string to a mini envelope
  • Take two pearl beads. Glue one on the middle top part of the envelope and another on middle of the envelopes top fold.
    green mini envelope unclasped
  • Bring the floss on front and take it around the beads. Then tie a simple knot with it.
    green mini envelope

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a collage of yellow, blue and green mini envelopes on a white background and a mini envelope template on colored paper next to scissors, glue and a pen with title text reading Mini Envelope Template

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