Instant Pot Beef Recipes You’ll Love!

Instant Pot Beef Recipes are fantastic to keep on hand because Instant Pots do amazing things with inexpensive cuts of beef! If you haven’t figured out why Instant Pots are awesome yet, you probably haven’t seen what it can do for a chuck roast.

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Another benefit of cooking in your Instant Pot is that all that pressure forces the flavors into your food. That means those spices, herbs, and flavorful ingredients you add to the pot infuse deep within the beef during the pressure cooking process.

I’ll admit, I actually create a lot more Instant Pot chicken recipes because I like how versatile chicken is. However, my husband protests if we go too long without red meat and since I love him, I make a lot of Instant Pot beef recipes too.

Instant Pot Beef Recipes

To make it easier to find the type of recipe you’re looking for, I’ve organized my recipes into the categories based on the cut of meat.

Instant Pot Roast Recipes

As I already mentioned, one of the great things about cooking beef in a pressure cooker is that you can get moist, tender meat out of inexpensive cuts like chuck roast. But you’re not limited to pot roast! Here are some of my favorite Instant Pot beef recipes using roasts as the main ingredient.

instant pot shepherd's pie in a white dish and on two blue plates with forks on them

Instant Pot Ground Beef Recipes

Another thing I love about Instant Pot cooking is that you can make true one-pot meals. Thanks to the saute function, you can brown the beef right in the inner liner, then add your other ingredients.

Plus, thanks to pressure cooking, everything you add to the pot to cook with the ground beef, infuses the meat with flavor. Likewise, the satisfying taste of the beef permeates any vegetables or starches you cook with it.

instant pot taco lasagna on a white plate

Because ground beef is so easy to cook with and so versatile, I use it a lot. Here are the Instant Pot ground beef dishes I’ve created so far:

Other Instant Pot Beef Recipes

As you can see from the recipes above, I tend to stick with inexpensive cuts of beef. I have experimented with a couple of pricier beef cuts and these are the ones that have been the most successful:

My Favorite Instant Pot Beef Recipes from Other Bloggers

Since my goal is to help you find great recipes for your family, I don’t want to limit your choices to the few recipes I’ve created. Here are some of my favorite Instant Pot beef recipes from other sites.

More Instant Pot Recipes

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