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Washi Tape Ornaments

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These DIY Washi Tape Ornaments are some of my favorites because they’re so colorful and easy to customize simply by choosing different tape. Now there’s no reason to resist that washi tape clearance bin when you’re at the craft store!

two ornaments wrapped with red and green patterned washi tape hung on a white Christmas tree

Like my Mason Jar Lid Fabric Ornaments, these are easy to customize by choosing washi tape in different colors and patterns. Other than the tape, the only adornments you need are strands of ribbon.

on ornament wrapped with red and green washi tape hung with a green ribbon from a flocked Christmas tree

I just LOVE homemade ornaments. Not only are they unique since you can make them in the colors, patterns, and designs that you like best — but each year when you hang them on the tree, you’ll have the memory of making them or the person who made them for you.

That’s why I like to make them with the kids and why I also like to give them as gifts or as embellishments to gifts. It adds a little something special to the wrapping and creates a special connection between you and recipient (assuming they keep the ornament, that is!).

two ornaments wrapped with red and white washi tape hung with  gold ribbon from a  Christmas tree

How to Make a Washi Tape Ornament

Pull out your crafting supplies and let’s get to work! Don’t worry, these won’t take long.

Supplies Needed

styrofoam ball, washi tape, T pins, red ribbon all on a wood table


First, grab a Styrofoam ball and some washi tape. Stick one end of the washi tape to the ball, then wrap it around the perimeter until you’ve reached the spot where you began. Tear off the tape.

a styrofoam ball wrapped with some red and green washi tape with more washi tape rolls on the wooden table

Keep doing this with new strips of tape until you’ve covered the entire ball.

Then, plug in your glue gun and get the ribbon.

an ornament wrapped in red and green washi tape next to some red ribbon and a hot glue gun on a wooden table

Cut a strip of ribbon to create a loop (this is how we’ll hang the ornament from the tree). Use a T to attach the ribbon to the top of the ball.

a hand holding a T pin and red ribbon at the top of the ornament wrapped in washi tape on a wooden table with a hot glue gun in the background

Then, cut another longer strip of ribbon and tie a bow. Use the glue gun to attach the bow to the top of the ornament and cover the floral pin.

a hand holding red ribbon at the top of an ornament wrapped in washi tape on a wooden table next to a glue gun

Your ornament is ready to hang on the tree or attach to a gift as a festive decoration!

on ornament wrapped with red and green washi tape hung with a white ribbon from a Christmas tree

4 thoughts on “Washi Tape Ornaments”

  1. You do a great job with the washi tape. I tried doing a sytrofoam ball and I had several issues I was hoping you could help with. There were some puckers on the sides of the tape. Also it was see-through. I have never used this stuff before. Are there better quality or different quality brands? I made some with fabric strips cut on the bias with modgepod which really turned out great. Thanks for your help if you have time! Vicki

    • Ah yes, washi tape is pretty thin. If you don’t like the transparency of it on the styrofoam, you can either use plastic ornaments OR you can use the decorative duct tape. I haven’t found thin duct tape though so you’d have to cut strips to get the same effect, but it definitely wouldn’t be see through. Hope this helps!

  2. Very easy instructions and I had everything to make a few! Thank You for fun projects! Gotta go look to see what else I can make. Maybe have an ornament get together thru video with other people. 🙂

    • I’m glad you were able to make some ornaments. That’s a great idea to have an ornament get together on video!


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