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Yearly Home Maintenance Checklist

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A yearly home maintenance checklist should be standard in every home, but a lot of people don’t do much annual maintenance. This printable checklist makes it easy to remember important things that need to be done around the house each year.

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Why Do Yearly Home Maintenance?

Most home owners want to keep the value of their home as high as possible. One easy way to achieve this goal is to perform yearly home maintenance.

There are certain activities we can do each season to stay on top of the constant upkeep that a home requires. Grabbing a yearly home maintenance checklist makes the whole process simple. I know I need reminders of what needs to be done.

Each season brings certain maintenance activities that should be accomplished. It is easier to plan ahead for a season instead of feeling overwhelmed by looking at the whole year at once.

I’ve created a home maintenance cheat sheet to make it easy to stay on top of these seasonal tasks. I’ve kept the list to the most basic tasks so that you’re more likely to do them, rather than be overwhelmed by a lengthy to do list.

Yearly Home Maintenance for Winter

Winter is a time of year when cold temperatures can wreak havoc on our homes. It is also a time of year when we can do certain maintenance activities that don’t fit as well in warm weather.

Some of the important yearly home maintenance checklist items for winter are:

  • test all the GFCI outlets in your home to make sure they are working properly
  • check the sinks and toilets in your home for leaks
  • change the direction all of the ceiling fans are running
  • perfect time to test the sump pump function
  • check all the grout in the tile in the bathrooms and kitchen, re-grout as needed
  • change furnace filter each month
  • check the hoses on all the appliances for leaks
printable Yearly Home Maintenance Checklist next to colored pencils on a light green background

Yearly Home Maintenance for Spring

Spring time is warming the earth and reawakening our surroundings. There are things that need to be switched out and checked during spring.

Some of the important yearly home maintenance checklist items for spring are:

  • repair or replace damaged window screens
  • clean winter debris from gutters
  • clean and seal deck so it is ready for outdoor events
  • inspect roof for any damaged shingles, repair as needed
  • check and replace any bad or cracked caulking around windows, doors, etc.
  • look at siding for loose boards and renail as needed
  • take off storm windows and replace with window screens
  • drain sediment from hot water tank and steam heating system
printable Yearly Home Maintenance Checklist next to colored pencils on a light green background

Yearly Home Maintenance for Summer

Everyone loves summer and the longer days it brings. This is a great time to work on some big projects around the house.

Some of the important yearly home maintenance checklist items for summer are:

  • wash the exterior of the house, touch up paint as needed
  • inspect exterior of house and yard for signs of destructive insects
  • deep clean carpets and hard wood floors
  • clean the kitchen exhaust hood and filter
  • inspect the basement and crawl space area for any moisture issues
  • vacuum the refrigerator coils and clean behind the fridge
  • walk around the house and inspect the foundation for drainage problems

Yearly Home Maintenance for Fall

Fall is the perfect time to prepare the house for winter time. The weather is usually great for outdoor projects too.

Some of the important yearly home maintenance checklist items for fall are:

  • insulate any exposed pipes if needed
  • take off window screens and install storm windows
  • turn off the outdoor water supply and store the hoses before the weather drops
  • inspect, patch and seal any cracks in the driveway, steps or landings
  • check the weatherstripping on windows and doors, repair it as needed
  • oil the garage door tracks and clean out the garage if you have time
  • have the chimney cleaned every year if it is wood-burning, every five years if it is gas
  • check the damper in the fireplace to make sure it is free from obstructions
  • prune the bushes, trees and shrubs

Printable Yearly Home Maintenance Checklist

This printable yearly home maintenance checklist is not exhaustive and every home has its own important maintenance issues. There are also special home repairs that need to be done based on what part of the country you live in.

Download and print off this yearly home maintenance checklist and keep it handy.

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printable Yearly Home Maintenance Checklist

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