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Free Printable Cleaning Supplies List

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Special thanks to Bounty for sponsoring today’s post and for making it easier to keep my home clean.

I created this Free Printable Cleaning Supplies List to make it easier to keep everything I need for cleaning on hand. Cleaning is already my least favorite chore and it’s even worse when I don’t have the right supplies readily available.

a spray bottle with blue liquid in it, a blue cloth, printable cleaning supplies list with a pen on it, bounty paper towels, all on a brown table

Plus, my daughter is about to head off to college. Unlike my son, who manages to keep his apartment “clean”, with paper towels and dish soap, I think my daughter will be looking for this supply list after she moves out of the dorm and into an apartment.

Another reason I was inspired to create this list is that I recently had to raid my kitchen’s paper towel supply to wipe down the bathroom faucets. Yes, I keep a separate supply of paper towels for cleaning (or try to). I can’t carry a roll into the bathroom that will be later used in the kitchen.  My personal favorite is the New Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels.

BTW, I buy Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels in bulk because we use them so much (can’t you tell?). Right now, you can get the Family 16 count pack of Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels from Amazon (use code 5QUICKBOUNTY to get $5 off) and have them delivered right to your door. Here’s how:

Use the code 5BOUNTYQUICK for $5 of and apply another $2 off coupon at checkout to save a total of $7! This 16 count pack is the equivalent of 40 Regular Rolls so there’s no risk of running out of paper towels anytime soon.

a cardboard box of bounty outside on a door mat with a brown door in the background

Why Bounty? Aside from being twice as absorbent as another leading brand, it comes in Select-A-Size so you can use as little or as much as you want. And this pack contains 80 sheets more per pack (about ten exra days of paper towels for the average family).

Which Cleaning Supplies Do You Need?

Throughout the week, I use a lot of different items to clean my house. I use different cleaners and tools to clean my kitchen than I do to clean the living room. I put EVERYTHING I use on the cleaning supplies list.

rubbing alcohol, furniture polish, hydrogen peroxide, blue liquid in a spray bottle clear liquid in a jug, bounty paper towels, and a blue cloth on a white bathroom counter

In general, the items on my cleaning supplies list fall into three categories: tools, cleaners, ingredients for cleaners.

Cleaning Tools

Just like you need specific utensils and cookware to prepare a meal, you need different tools to get your house clean. These are the basic cleaning tools that are a critical part of your cleaning supply kit:

  • Bounty Quick-Size Paper towels – essential for wiping up wet messes, great for wiping surfaces dry for a spot-free clean
  • Duster – to easily whisk away dirt from surfaces
  • Microfiber cloths – to use with cleaners to wash surfaces without scratching
  • Old rags – for drying floors after mopping
  • Squeegee – makes window, glass, and shower cleaning a breeze
  • Rubber gloves – to protect your hands from harsh cleaners
  • Spray bottle – essential if you make your own cleaners or buy cleaning solution in bulk
  • Scrub brush – for stubborn stains and mildew
  • Toilet brush – because the toilet is the only place you’ll use this
  • Old toothbrush – for crevices and small spaces where grime accumulates
  • Vacuum – to suck away dirt throughout the house
  • Broom – to sweep up larger residue than the vacuum can handle, and to keep the porch, walkway, and garage clean
  • Dustpan – to make it easier to dispose of the dirt and debris you sweep up with the broom
  • Mop – to wash away all the germs on your hard floors
  • Bucket – great for cleaning with concentrates so you can dilute easily, either for mopping, washing the car, or cleaning the bathroom

Cleaning Solutions

Different items in your home need different types of cleaners. These are the types you’ll use most often:

  • Glass cleaner – for windows, glass furniture, and mirrors
  • Multipurpose cleaner – for most hard surfaces like counters, walls, and appliances
  • Disinfectant – to kill harmful bacteria, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Mild abrasive cleaner – helps get burned on food off of drip pans and toaster ovens, also great for soap scum
  • Furniture polish – helps protect your wood furniture and keeps it looking new
  • Floor cleaner – depending on what your floors are made of, they’ll need special care so a dedicated floor cleaner is important
  • Oven cleaner – just about the only thing that makes cleaning the oven and grill grates somewhat easy

Ingredients for Homemade Cleaners

I’m not a crunchy mom, mostly because I just don’t have the time or energy to ban all non-natural products from our home and make everything from scratch. I do, however, work in safer, healthier options wherever I can do so easily.

When it comes to cleaning, there are a few basic items that used together in various ways, can tackle almost anything. These are the ones I use:

    • Distilled white vinegar – can fill in for multipurpose and glass cleaners and can also disinfect
    • Isopropyl alcohol – for areas where germs are a major concern
    • Olive oil – a wonderful all-natural way to polish wood
    • Hydrogen peroxide – another great disinfectant, works wonders on mildew, and partnered with dish soap can get out a variety of stains
    • Borax – to whiten surfaces and deodorize


  • Baking soda – great for cleaning bathroom sinks and tubs since it whitens and acts as a mild abrasive
  • Salt – use instead of a mild abrasive cleaner to tackle soap scum and drip pans

Printable Cleaning Supplies List

I’ve added everything I’ve listed above to my printable cleaning supplies list. I also left several spaces for you to fill in any items you use that aren’t already listed.

Just click the image below to download your free printable cleaning supplies list.

a printable cleaning supplies list

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bounty. The opinions and text are all mine.

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