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Printable Household Cleaning Tips

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Keeping your home clean will be easy with these printable household cleaning tips. There are 4 pages of tricks and hacks to make cleaning each room of your home a breeze.

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Do you ever wonder if your house is really clean or is it just tidy? Getting all those nooks and crannies clean can be challenging. 

There are stubborn smells and locations that make keeping a house clean difficult. 

It helps to walk through your home and pretend to be a stranger seeing it for the first time. What do other people see when they arrive at your home? 

I have found that after I do a deep cleaning sweep of my home it will stay clean for a LONG time afterward. It is worth the time to invest in cleaning those hard to reach places! 


Bathrooms can be one of the dirtiest, stinkiest rooms in our homes. This room is also a breeding ground for germs. 

I am probably the most fanatical about keeping our bathrooms clean more than any other room in the house except the kitchen. 

Here are some of my favorite household bathroom cleaning tips to help keep your bathroom in tip-top shape:

  • Smelly towels need to be washed in hot water with one cup of borax. Use an extra rinse with 1 cup of vinegar in the water. You will love the results!
  • Murky shower doors need to be soaked with a spray of vinegar. Let the vinegar sit on the doors for a while then scrub it with baking soda and salt. Rinse it off with water.
  • Bathtubs will be sparkling clean after you fill the tub with hot water that has 2 cups of powdered laundry detergent added. Let this soak overnight and then drain and rinse the tub out.
  • If you have pink goo in the tub it can be wiped away with a bleach and water solution. Tea tree oil diluted in water also works well for this yucky goo. 
  • Glass cleaner can be made quickly with equal parts of white vinegar and water. Add in a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a lovely smell. 
  • Make your own DIY Poo-Pourri by mixing 3/4 cup water, 2 teaspoons alcohol, 2 teaspoons dish soap and 50 drops of your favorite essential oil. Spray in the toilet before you go number two!
  • Keep your bathroom smelling fresh by mixing some essential oils with one box of baking soda. Put the mixture in an open container like a decorative jar and sit in the bathroom.
  • If your shower liner is yucky, soak it in the bathtub in hot water and add a little bleach. Hang it up to dry. 
  • Wipe the bathroom trash can down with vinegar and water. Dry it and then put a dryer sheet in the bottom beneath the trash bag. 
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Kitchen’s house our food. It is important to keep things clean in the kitchen because if we don’t it could lead to serious health issues! 

Here are some of my favorite household kitchen cleaning tips so your kitchen is always clean and ready to go:

  • Make your own kitchen cleaner by mixing 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 1 part dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle. This can be used to clean all the kitchen surfaces. I call it my magic cleaner.
  • If your disposal is stinky it needs to be cleaned. My favorite way to clean the disposal is to turn on the water and start running the disposal. While it is running add a handful of ice to the disposal. Turn off the disposal and pour in a cup of vinegar. 
  • Deep clean under the sink by pulling everything out. Wipe the whole area down with vinegar. Throw out the old stuff and reorganize everything. 
  • If something spills inside the oven an easy way to treat it is to sprinkle salt on top of the spill. Continue to use the oven as usual. The spill will turn to ash and then can be easily wiped out. 
  • Cleaning the microwave is easy if you start by microwaving a small bowl of water for two minutes. Then wipe the microwave down with a wet cloth. 


I would say the bedrooms in our house get the least attention. There is no reason to let the bedrooms slide.

They are easy to keep clean with these simple household bedroom cleaning tips:

  • Fresh air makes a huge difference in bedrooms. Open the windows and air the room out while you are cleaning.
  • Always wash bedding in the hottest water possible and dry on high heat too. This will kill dust-mites and other germs.
  • Keep your mattresses fresh by removing all the bedding and then sprinkling baking soda over the mattress. Let it sit for 2 hours and then vacuum. Then mix equal parts of vodka and water and spray it over the mattress. Let it dry. 
  • Binds are a breeze to clean if you follow this hack. Put an old sock on each hand. Dip one in a mixture of vinegar and water. The other sock will be used to dry. Wipe the blind slats one by one, first with the wet sock and then dry with the dry sock.
  • If the room has a musty smell try blending lavender and citrus essential oils with water and keep it on hand to use as a fresh spritz.
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The living room is typically the first room people will see when they visit your home. I try to keep our living room presentable for when unexpected guests show up at the door. 

Here are some of my favorite household living room cleaning tips to make this process easy:

  • Dusting needs to have a method or you will be making more messes then you clean. Always start at the highest level and work your way down. Move small objects and dust underneath them. 
  • Baseboards can be easily overlooked. Wipe them down with a solution of water and vinegar. 
  • Don’t forget to clean the lampshades. I like to use my vacuum attachments for this job, but a lightly damp cloth also works well. 
  • Clean TV’s with a dry, microfiber cloth.
  • Move the furniture and vacuum or sweep underneath each item. Always get help with this if the furniture is heavy. I like to use furniture sliders so I don’t have to wait for someone to be home to help me. 
  • Light switches can be forgotten, but do get dirty. Put a little bit of vinegar on a clean cloth. It should barely be damp. Wipe the switch down.


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