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New Year Time Capsule Box

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If you have never done a New Year Time Capsule Box you need to start this year. This is such a fun and meaningful project to do as a family and years from now you will be amazed to see what you saved.

New Year Time Capsule Box printables

This is one of my favorite New Year’s Eve Traditions since it’s an easy way to reflect on the past year and look forward to new adventures ahead.


I remember time capsules being very popular when I was a child. We talked about them at school and one year our class even made one. I wonder if it has ever been recovered?? 🙂

A time capsule is basically a cache of information and items that you are saving to be retrieved and looked at again sometime in the distant future. Time capsules have been around for a long time. Historians have found caches that resemble time capsules dating back as far as 1761!


Traditional time capsules will include items that may be of interest to people in the future. The time capsule is supposed to show what life was like the year you created the time capsule.

A New Year Time Capsule is a little bit different because we are going to be opening it up the following year on New Year’s Eve.

Our time capsule box will include some information about you and your family members.

Each person can fill out these printable forms to include in the box:

  • All About Me
  • Last Year’s Accomplishments
  • This Year’s Goals
  • A Letter to My Future Self

It is also fun to include a current picture of each person, small items or trinkets that you love and maybe even a napkin from your favorite restaurant.

New Year Time Capsule Box printables on a gold background


If you plan to actually bury this New Years Time Capsule Box you will want to get a very sturdy waterproof container.

There are some awesome containers for sale that double as geocache boxes. Here are some good ones:

The good news is that you do NOT have to bury this time capsule if you don’t want to. It is fine to just put it away in the top of your closet until next year.

Grab a shoebox and put the printable time capsule label on it. You can even decorate the shoebox if you want!

New Year Time Capsule Box printables on a gold background


Making a New Year Time Capsule Box is a fun family activity. It can become a tradition to create a box each New Year’s Eve.

The other reason to make do an annual time capsule box is because it gives you a chance to look back on your year. Writing down your accomplishments from this year can help you see what you achieved.

Looking ahead to the coming year and writing down some goals will give you some motivation to reach those goals. Knowing you will be looking at these goals in a year will keep you on track!

These are great principals to start instilling in our children and working on them through a time capsule project makes it fun.


I have a whole set of New Year Time Capsule Box printables to make this project very easy to do.

You can download and print these off for your own personal use at home.

Just fill in the form below to download the New Year Time Capsule Box Printables.

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How do I print a PDF?

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New Year Time Capsule Box printables on a gold background with title text reading New Year's Time Capsule

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New Year Time Capsule Box printables on a gold background with title text reading New Year's Time Capsule

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  1. It seems late. But I will do this in my small group. I am from the Philippines and I thank you for this idea.


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