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New Year’s Eve Party Ideas for Teens

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If you’re looking for New Year’s Eve party ideas for teens, you’re in luck. First, congratulations on raising your teen(s) well! When my teen son has asked us if he could host a New Year’s Eve party at home for his friends, I felt like I had reached the summit of my parenting goals.

Not only was my son making innocent plans for the holiday, he was comfortable having his friends join him for whatever festivities he had planned right under my nose!

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How much independence do you want to give to your teen?

I didn’t want to blow this opportunity, so I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make the evening fun and safe for him and his friends without being a helicopter parent or, on the other extreme, a completely absentee parent that lets the kids do whatever they want.

After searching everywhere, I realized there aren’t a lot of articles out there geared specifically towards New Year’s Eve party ideas for teens so I decided to make my own plan.

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Food for a New Year’s Eve Party for Teens

After consulting with my son, we decided on the following food:

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In addition to these recipes, I provided a fruit tray and a veggie platter. Since the kids are all underage, we served sparkling cider in lieu of champagne for the toast at midnight.

If you want to put in some extra effort, consider making up some of these mocktail recipes for teenagers from 3 Boys and a Dog.

Also, to take the pressure off of any of the kids who didn’t want to engage in the traditional midnight kisses, I put out a bowl of Hershey’s kisses (idea courtesy of Oh Sugar Event Planning).

Entertainment for a New Year’s Eve Party for Teens

For entertainment, we planned the following:

Extra Ideas for New Year’s Eve Party for Teens

To make the evening memorable, we created a few “extras” for the guests.

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Decoration Ideas for a New Year’s Eve Party for Teens

For decorations, we relied mostly on the photo backdrops we set up. In addition, we got a bunch of balloons to place around the party area and we hung some streamers.

Now, to figure out a plan for my other three kids so that they’ll be having too much fun to bother their brother and his friends.

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19 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Party Ideas for Teens”

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  2. Hello! I am a teen looking to throw my own New Year’s Eve party, and I can tell you all of these things are very helpful! They do not sound childish or boring of any sorts. Thank you very much!!

  3. Well, now I have plenty of ideas of what to bring to my New Years party I’m attending! These look great, thank you. Happy New Year’s

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  7. We watched a movie, played games on the Wii, and several board games. We enjoyed our New Year’s celebration, I hope that you enjoyed yours as well. Happy New year.

  8. What a great idea.. with two teens in the home I bet they love to have a party like that.. soo need to show them.. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year

  9. My son’s Birthday is New Years Eve so we generally have a good bunch of kids over. One of the things they love to do is go sledding, come in for hot cocoa, and settle down to a movie as the warm up.

    Then we serve snacks for dinner and they usually like to play the Wii until the ball drop.

    I really like your tic tocks idea! Very cute.


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