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Free Printable Onward Coloring and Activity Pages

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Your child will love these free printable ONWARD Coloring and Activity Pages. ONWARD is a heartwarming movie about two teenage elf brothers who get a special opportunity to spend a day with their late father (though things don’t go quite as planned!).

picture of a scene with two elf brothers from the movie Onward

Their extra day consists of an adventurous quest that includes magic spells, cryptic maps, impossible obstacles and unimaginable discoveries. Meanwhile, the boys’ mother embarks on her own adventure as she looks for her sons.

picture of a scene with a police officer and characters from the movie Onward

Printables kits like these are easy, fun activities for kids so I love sharing them. As long as you have a printer and printer paper, you have everything you need to create these fun activities without having to leave home.

ONWARD Coloring Pages

Below you’ll find six printable ONWARD coloring pages featuring key characters from the movie.

Here are the two brothers, Ian and Barley, with their beloved van Guinevere.

Barley, Ian and Guinevere coloring page from the movie Onward

Barley, Ian and Guinevere

Barley Lightfoot (played by Chris Pratt in the movie) is the older brother who loves history and role-playing games.

Barley Lightfoot coloring page from the movie Onward

Barley Lightfoot

Ian Lightfoot (played by Tom Holland) is Barley’s younger brother and struggles with low confidence.

Ian Lightfoot coloring page from the movie Onward

Ian Lightfoot

Laurel Lightfoot (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is the boys’ fearless mother who sets out after them.

Laurel Lightfoot coloring page from the movie Onward

Laurel Lightfoot

Corey (played by Octavia Spencer) is the Manticore, the monster who owns a local family restaurant that helps Laurel search for the boys.

The Manticore coloring page from the movie Onward

The Manticore

Blazey is the Lightfoot family’s pet dragon.

Blazey coloring page from the movie Onward


ONWARD Printable Activities

Coloring is relaxing and fun, but if your kids are looking for an activity that’s a little more challenging, try one of these activities.

Kids always love the challenge of a maze! They can help Barley and Ian get to their van in this ONWARD maze.

a maze printable page from the movie Onward

Another fun activity is the Memory Game. To play this ONWARD Memory Game, cut out the pieces along the dotted lines and place the cards character face down on a table.

Kids take turns flipping two cards over trying to make matches. The player with the most matches when all the cards have been collected wins!

ONWARD Activity Pack

Want to download ALL of the ONWARD coloring pages and activities at once? Fill in the form below to download the complete ONWARD Activity Pack in one file.

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printable coloring pages and activities with title text reading Onward Free Printable Coloring Pages & Activities

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