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Mary Poppins Returns Coloring Pages and Activities

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Your child will love these free printable Mary Poppins Returns Coloring Pages and Activities. Mary Poppins has returned! Now a whole new generation of kids can come to love the world’s most amazing nanny.

printables with title text reading Mary Poppins Returns Coloring Pages and Activities

Printables kits like these are easy, fun activities for kids so I love sharing them. As long as you have a printer and printer paper, you have everything you need to create these fun activities without having to leave home.

About Mary Poppins Returns

“Mary Poppins Returns” is an all-new original musical from Disney starring Emily Blunt. In the movie, Mary Poppins has returned to help the next generation of the Banks family restore order and happiness to their home after a tragic loss.

She comes back with all of magic, music, and wit that made her so charming in the original movie. The following clip is a perfect example of what you can expect from “Mary Poppins Returns.”

Even better, in addition to the music and witty dialogue, “Mary Poppins Returns” delivers a deep and powerful message. The movie shows us how to find our inner child to rediscover joy and wonder. And, it is a shining example of how to keep hope alive no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.

Mary Poppins Returns Coloring Pages and Activities

Below you’ll find eight printable Mary Poppins Returns coloring pages featuring key scenes from the movie.

Here is the classic image of Mary Poppins flying with the help of her magic umbrella.

a coloring page with Mary Poppins standing in clouds holding a bag and an umbrells

Mary Poppins Returns Umbrella Coloring Page

Another classic, here is Mary Poppins with her magical bag that contains far more than any ordinary bag.

a coloring page with three kids and Mary Poppins and her magical bag

Mary Poppins Returns Magical Bag Coloring Page

Mary is always full of surprises. Like when she appears as one of the entertainers at Doulton Music Hall.

a coloring page of Mary Poppins performing at Doulton Music Hall

Mary Poppins Returns Doulton Music Hall Coloring Page

In this scene, Jack and Georgie accidentally catch Mary Poppins on a kite they are flying.

a coloring page with Mary Poppins holding onto a kite a boy and man are flying

Mary Poppins Returns Kite Flying Coloring Page

Mary brings magic and fun to everything she does. For example, the bath scene I shared the video for earlier.

a coloring page with Mary Poppins and three kids in a bath tub in the ocean surrounded by dolphins

Mary Poppins Returns Bath Coloring Page

Even a simple bicycle ride is a fun adventure!

a coloring page with Mary Poppins, a man and 3 kids on a bicycle

Mary Poppins Returns Bicycle Coloring Page

And if a bike ride is an adventure, imagine how fun a carriage ride with Mary Poppins would be!

a coloring page with Mary Poppins and other ladies on a carriage ride

Mary Poppins Returns Carriage Coloring Page

And finally, here’s a scene where Mary has some fun with lamplighters.

a coloring page with Mary Poppins and some lamp lighters

Mary Poppins Returns Lamplighters Coloring Page

Mary Poppins Returns Printable Activities

Coloring is relaxing and fun, but if your kids are looking for an activity that’s a little more challenging, try one of these printable Mary Poppins Returns activities.

When I was a kid, my favorite activities were working my way through mazes. Here’s a Mary Poppins Returns Maze. Help Georgie find his favorite stuffed toy!

a printable Mary Poppins maze

After your kids see the movie, they might have hopes of snagging their own magical nanny on a kite. Here are some instructions they can follow to make their own kite.

printable directions to make a kite

Or, stay inside if it’s too cold out and make musical instruments instead. Here are some ideas and easy instructions. Mary Poppins Returns Make Your Own Musical Instruments

instructions on how to Make Your Own Musical Instruments

Bring Mary inside too. Cut out this Mary Poppins Silhouette and tape it inside a lampshade.

printable Mary Poppins lampshade silhouette

Then, settle the kids in next to the reading lamp to read their favorite books. They can use one of these Mary Poppins Returns Bookmarks to mark their place.

printable Mary Poppins bookmarks

Mary Poppins Returns Activity Pack

Want to download ALL of the Mary Poppins Returns coloring pages and activities at once? Just fill in the form below to get access to the complete Mary Poppins Returns Activity Pack in one file.

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printable Mary Poppins activity pack

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